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We Americans, of little faith

Despite constant harping by Democrats that the economy is being lifted from the doldrums, the message from the real world is a little more, um…real:

Consumer gloom in July reached its highest level since the recession was near the bottom amid fears that the expansion remains too weak to create many jobs, according to the IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index out Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a gauge of small-business confidence retreated in June to a level typical of a “weak or recession-mired economy” as the sales outlook deteriorated sharply, the National Federation of Independent Business said Tuesday.

Political success owes a lot to perception and right now the perception by average Americans is that economically speaking, things are just as bad as they were when Obama took office.

In other words, trillions in dollars of new spending, billions in stimulus and a shiny new healthcare entitlement is not filling us with any sense of optimism.   And that shouldn’t be good is not good for Democrats.

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