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The politics of SB 1070

Yesterday’s Federal court decision to strip the law of its key provisions is a blow to state’s rights and the will of the people of Arizona.

Governor Brewer has confirmed that Arizona is appealing the decision.

Doug Mataconis wonders how this will play out for the midterms:

…[I]t’s going to be interesting to see what impact this decision has across the country. Polls have shown repeatedly that a large majority of Americans support Arizona’s law and a new polls shows that similar majorities oppose the Justice Department’s decision to sue the State of Arizona.

One can imagine that these voters are going to react negatively to this decision, although, of course, there’s not really much they can do about it since the matter is in the hands of the Court.

Andy McCarthy thinks this decision means tough political seas ahead for Democrats:

…[T]he gleeful Left may want to put away the party hats. This decision is going to anger most of the country. The upshot of it is to tell Americans that if they want the immigration laws enforced, they are going to need a president willing to do it, a Congress willing to make clear that the federal government has no interest in preempting state enforcement, and the selection of judges who will not invent novel legal theories to frustrate enforcement. They are not going to get that from the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Democrats.

Elections have consequences.  The Federal judge who wrote the decision was an appointee of President Clinton, who has been out of office for a decade, yet his decisions and appointments have ramifications today.  And President Obama has made his opinions on judicial activism very clear.

These elections–midterms, the general election in 2012–have consequences.  Dire consequences.  Conservatives need to mobilize and step up to the plate.

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