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Quote of the Week (2010 Midterms edition)

Charlie Cook is pretty optimistic about the coming GOP victory this November:

This doesn’t look or feel like a normal midterm election. “There are two kinds of elections,” [Charlie Cook] said. “There’s sort of the Tip O’Neill all-politics-is-local, and then there are wave elections. We’re seeing just every sign in the world that this is going to be a wave, and a pretty good-sized wave.”

Apparently that wave doesn’t touch the other chamber of Congress:

Republicans would have to take over 10 seats now controlled by Democrats to pull off that feat, and even this wave doesn’t appear sufficient to accomplish that. In numerical terms, Mr. Cook sees 18 Senate seats up for election this year that could, plausibly, change party hands one way or the other, and Republicans would have to win 16 of the 18 to take over.

That task is “a couple of orders of magnitude higher” than the challenge Republicans face taking back the House, he said.

As always, take the prognosticators with a big, grain of salt.  I understand the political and ideological differences between the House and Senate–the former being more extreme ideologically (more conservatives and more liberals), while the latter tends to have more of a moderate blend among its members.

That being said, although it feels as if the GOP is in for a big November, anything can happen to make it less so.  I hope I’m wrong.  But it seems that if an enormous wave of the caliber that Cook is expecting can inflict serious damage to the Democratic majorities, shouldn’t some of that fall onto the Senate as well?

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