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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Only one friggin post Light blogging this week, as I’ve taken advantage of the beautiful weather and have been down to the Jersey shore. Came back up to “North” Jersey last night to take care of some things, and will be headed back down tonight. So most likely, I won’t be able to post anything until after the weekend.

I was perusing the various blogs for this week, especially regarding Joe Miller’s huge win over RINO Lisa Murkowski in the GOP Senate primary up in Alaska.

Stacy McCain has been doing a yeoman’s job covering the story, and he links to this standard boilerplate AP story about how radical, racist extremists have (ahem) hijacked the GOP.

Again, standard fare for the AP. McCain hits the nail right on the head:

Remember when underdog Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries? That was the Triumph of Hope. When an underdog wins a Republican primary, however, that’s Hijacked by Extremists.


On that note, enjoy the weekend all!

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