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Incumbent Dems want nothing to do with Obamanomics

With the election season officially kicking off this week, and with the dismal results of 18 months of Obamanomics in full view, the President has come out with yet more government spending his new economic rescue plan: $50 billion in stimulus money.

Vulnerable Democrats have seen this movie before:

In a sign that Democrats are not on-board with what was supposed to be a major cornerstone of their platform this fall, an increasing number of Democratic incumbents and candidates are criticizing Pres. Obama’s economic plan.

Within 24 hours of Obama’s major address in Ohio on Thursday, a Democratic senator, three House Democrats and another two Democrats vying for open House seats all distanced themselves from Obama’s economic plan.

Their remarks indicate that it will be difficult for Obama to get his plan through Congress before the November elections. They also show that Democrats are increasingly on shaky political footing on the economy — the top issue for voters this year.

Do Democrats have a solution to anything that does not require more taxes and more spending?

The problem with this, especially after having passed a $800 billion stimulus program, which was designed to…wait for it…stimulate the economy, and has failed miserably, is that it’s hard to get people on board for yet another round.  Especially for Democrats who realize that the President really has no other answer besides spending more money and hoping that Republicans oppose it.

Good luck with that.

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