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Lisa M. wants her Senate seat back

Senator Murkowski is your typical career-politician who just won’t go away quietly after losing Alaska’s Republican primary to conservative Joe Miller:

Just a few weeks ago, Joe Miller was casting Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska as part of a broken Republican establishment, an emblem of everything he wanted to fix about Washington.


Then three things happened: Mr. Miller won the primary, top Senate Republicans quickly backed him, and Ms. Murkowski, hardly a renegade, startled many by saying that she might well fight on, through a third-party or write-in campaign. She could announce a resurrected candidacy as soon as next week.

Murkowski is the typical career-politician that most voters should abhor.  Democracy says that people vote for who they want to win elected office.  This isn’t good enough for Murkowski.  There is an underlying assumption that she knows what’s best for the voters of Alaska, not the voters themselves.  That’s what this is all about–arrogance.

Provided that she decides to go ahead with a write-in candidacy, what kind of campaign will she run?  Answer:  a super DUPER campaign:

It’s going to be the kind of campaign you should have seen in the primary,” said Andrew Halcro, an Alaska political consultant who is a longtime friend of the senator. “It’s going to be no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-metal stuff.”

That’s right.  The first time around she ran a blah campaign, figuring that she could rely on the power of the incumbency (an incumbency she initially obtained after a coronation by her father) to coast to a nomination and then of course, to another term as Senator.

But now, she’s gonna take this campaigning thing really really seriously, you betcha!  So basically, her team is acknowledging that they couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Alaskan voters when she thought it was in the bag.   Now that she’s on the outside looking in, it’s all about real quality politicking.

This kind of hypocrisy is astounding and repugnant and, fortunately for the Republicans in Alaska, they have a chance to send at the least, a real conservative to Washington.  Here’s to hoping that he doesn’t catch the Murkowski bug.

As an aside, this stuck out from the Times piece:

Aides are exploring what variations of her name — Lisa? Senator Murkowski? Lisa M.? — would be acceptable to election officials in a write-in campaign. Although Ms. Murkowski has one of the most recognizable last names in Alaska politics, it is not necessarily easy to spell.


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