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The Delaware primary conundrum (Ctd.)

Michelle Malkin runs a great post on what the Mike Castle choice means–more lethargic, political careerism.

She makes the case for O’Donnell:

…[S]he is certainly far from perfect (who is?). But I think nine terms are enough for duck-and-hide, cap-and-tax liberal Republican Mike Castle — and it looks like GOP primary voters in Delaware are coming to the same conclusion as the primary looms tomorrow. I repeat: Entrenched incumbency is not an argument for more entrenched incumbency.

As I thought in my earlier post, Malkin confirms that the winner of the general election, will be seated immediately, with huge implications:

[T]he stakes are raised — not just for Delaware, but for the nation — in this race because this is a special election for VP Joe Biden’s Senate seat. The next Senator from Delaware will serve the remaining four years of Biden’s term. Which means he or she will be seated immediately after election and will be in place to vote in any lame duck Senate session. Cap-and-tax is on the table for this session. From his record and from his radical enviro associations, we know what Castle would do in the name of “Republican Main Street” values to screw over not only Delawareans, but all taxpayers.

Click through the link and read the entire post.  Also, Michelle has a list of Castle’s hideous voting record. Yeesh.

Meanwhile, Castle appears to be girding his loins for a potential defeat by playing the victim card:

Rep. Mike Castle is blaming the influence of outsiders for the closer-than-expected GOP Senate primary he’s locked in against tea party favorite Christine O’Donnell.

Castle, who last faced a primary election challenger in 1992, said the six-figure sums pumped into the state by the Tea Party Express, and the recent endorsements of O’Donnell by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, prove that his opposition is being powered by out-of-state forces.


“It’s clear they have spent several hundred thousand dollars to not only take me out but to take anybody who dares to vote with the other party at any time out,” he said.

What’s startling to me about this whole debate is the extent to which the establishment Republicans are willing to trash the grassroots activists.  Pathetic.

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