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The Delaware primary conundrum

Last night’s stunning PPP poll, which puts Christine O’Donnell in a statistical tie with Republican veteran and Delaware political fixture, Mike Castle, adds some sizzle to tomorrow’s already contentious primary.

Ed Morrissey sums up the situation:

It still comes down to the question of electability, though, although perhaps at this point neither candidate could survive this primary.

If control of the Senate comes down to this race, and it very well might, would it be better to have a Republican squish holding the seat and give the GOP control of the Senate floor and all the committees, or to hand it to either Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer for the next two-year period in which we’ll see at least one Supreme Court retirement and Obama still attempting to push through his radical agenda?

It’s a tough decision for Delaware Republicans, and not an easy choice at all.

Morrissey brings up an excellent point–if the Senate is in play, and the Republicans are within striking distance of winning the majority in that chamber, then they will set the agenda.  Which is to say, they can stop slow down the President’s agenda.

And, unless I’m mistaken, being that the Delaware senate seat is an open one, then November’s winner is seated immediately.  A Republican in that seat who’s voting with Republicans 50%-60% of the time would be better than a Democrat who votes with their party 100% of the time, no?

Look, I’m all for voting in the most conservative candidates.  But those candidates who win their primaries, whether it be because of the Tea Party or conservative activists in general, need to win their general elections as well.  Moral victories will not help to repeal government-run healthcare, or stop incessant government spending.

If O’Donnell wins tomorrow, and goes on to win the general, then I will be more than happy to eat crow and withstand the barrage of “I told you so’s”.  Hell, I would look forward to that, if that were the case.  That would be the upsets of all political upsets–a la Scott Brown.  And thanks to Scott Brown, we know anything is possible.

I’m still undecided on this.  I just hope that whoever wins the primary will have the support of a unified Republican electorate.

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