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Who to vote for in Delaware

Has to be Christine O’Donnell.

Is O’Donnell the perfect candidate? Of course not.  Comparing what she stands for vs. Mike Castle’s horrendous voting record, the choice gets clearer.

The way I look at it, having Mike Castle caucus with the Republicans is like having another Blue Dog Democrat in the Senate.  Yeah, they might vote with you some of the time.  But then again, they probably won’t.

That being said, there are Blue Dogs like Ben Nelson who voted for Obamacare, and there are moderate Republicans even, like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins who vote for billion dollar Democratic-sponsored stimulus bills, defying their own party’s stance.  And we all know how the Arlen Specter debacle turned out.

Mike Castle is a career politician.  Someone who has made his living by doing nothing but planning for the next election.  All on the taxpayer’s dime.  He’s a Republican establishment darling and for that, he deserves extra scrutiny.

Nobody is giving O’Donnell a chance to win.  True, Delaware is not Kentucky, where Rand Paul surprised the experts.  It’s not Nevada either, where Sharron Angle, despite her missteps, remains in a competitive race versus majority leader Harry Reid.

Yes, this is Blue Delaware.  Just like blue New Jersey, my home state.  A state where a Republican like Chris Christie not only won his election versus corrupt liberal and Obama fan, Jon Corzine, but is doing great things taking on the left-wing public employee unions and fighting corruption.  That wasn’t supposed to happen either.

And remember Massachusetts?  The bluest of the blue states?  When Uncle Ted passed on a little over a year ago, it was just assumed that the Democratic nominee would just coast to an easy victory.   The experts and pundits just assumed voters would just have the common sense to send a Democrat to that seat.  And I seem to recall that Martha Coakley had a hefty 25+ point lead after the primary in September, which of course, slowly and steadily dissolved.   Republican Scott Brown is now the junior senator from the Bay State.

All politics is local, and as such, the people of Delaware will have to decide if they want to send the long-serving congressman to the other chamber as their voice in the Senate.  It’s their absolute right and duty to do so.  And if moderate Republicans in Delaware want to make him their choice, so be it.

But if Republicans there want change, or the chance for real change, then maybe its time to think twice about sending an establishment Republican to DC.

Geographically speaking, Delaware is my neighbor to the south and if I were a resident of that state, I would have to vote for Christine O’Donnell.

Tomorrow morning there will be a lot of huffing and puffing about how this primary will affect Democrats and how the GOP missed out on winning a majority in the Senate.   This may be true.  And yes, there’s an excellent shot that O’Donnell will lose big.  But then again, maybe conservative activists should try and beat the odds on this one.  Take their case to the voters over the next six weeks or so.

One last thing.  The NRSC and the RNC have for too long taken Republican voters down the wrong path of playing defense when a good offense is warranted, of backing horrible candidates, of forcing milquetoast Republicans and shying away from conservatism.

But Republican leaders in Washington need to know that their time is up.

This is as good a year as any to start.

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