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About Delaware

Congratulations to Christine O’Donnell on last night’s victory! That was pretty amazing.

Stacy McCain, who’s been all over the O’Donnell story, sums it up best:

[T]he Tea Party stuffed a torpedo right up John Cornyn’s tailpipe.

As made ridiculously obvious by this Memeorandum thread, O’Donnell’s victory has caused convulsions throughout the blogosphere and others who wish they were relevant, otherwise known as the media.

There’s so much information out there but the meme goes like this:  We (being the press/liberal blogs) hate Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  O’Donnell was endorsed by the same.  Ergo, Christine O’Donnell is a moron and deserves to be mocked.

That’s pretty much it.  That and the NRSC made idiots of themselves yet again, by not only dipping their toes in primaries (which they should not be doing) but backing candidates that really suck.

Oh, and Karl Rove is a real douchebag piece of work.

Now–activists, bloggers, conservatives, door-knockers, whatever–have to go all out and make sure O’Donnell wins this thing.  Remember, we can’t stop statism and the Democrats’ liberal agenda with moral victories.  This is serious stuff we’re talking about here.   Cap and trade.  Healthcare reform.  Tax policy.  All of it is on the table.  We have a chance to set the agenda by winning the Senate–and yes, yes, it’s a long shot–which starts with Delaware.

It’s a rough road ahead for the next six weeks or so.  The media onslaught will be massive.  The blogosphere will be venomous. But remember, if Castle had won last night, do you really think they would be conciliatory and polite and patting us on the back for voting for the “right” candidate?

Conservatives need to stand strong against it all.

It’s up to O’Donnell and her team to run a smart and efficient campaign.  There’s little room for error.

That being said, the campaign needs financial support.

Support the Christine O’Donnell campaign.

Support other conservative Senate candidates.

UPDATE.   Smitty over at The Other McCain links!  Part of the Reach Around—thanks guys!

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