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Fear and loathing in the Midwest (2010 Democrats edition)

We can only pray that what Maggie Haberman writes in this Politico piece is accurate. 

Democrats are in for some ugly times in the Midwest come November, a “killing field” as per a GOP polling outfit.  They could be in for some heavy losses up and down the ticket all throughout the region.   You know, those key states that flipped for the Hope N’ Change snake-oil wagon in 2007-2008. 

This stuck out like a carrot in an omelette:

In every state in the region, the top of the ticket is struggling and the problems are rolling downhill. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, who’s run an energetic reelection campaign and still trails former GOP Rep. John Kasich, isn’t even cracking 35 percent approval, according to PPP’s surveys.

Yet he’s at the top of the Midwestern gubernatorial heap, with most incumbents not even breaking the 30 percent mark.

“When Obama was elected, it was almost like he was the second coming of a political Jehovah, who was somehow going to deliver us into the promised land,” said Bill Ballenger, the pundit behind Inside Michigan Politics. “And more and more things have happened that have disillusioned people.


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