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About that Democratic party majority

This piece in today’s Journal runs along the same line as my previous post on how the Obama White House (plus its liberal enablers in the House and Senate) and its radical agenda are hurting Democrats on the campaign trail:

If Democrats running against the White House prevail, the result could have a profound impact on the party’s ability to govern. More than 30 Democrats with proven records of independence are campaigning on this theme, and scores more have started trying to do so late in the game. Even if the party maintains control of the House, it almost certainly won’t have a functioning liberal majority, Democratic aides and lawmakers say. Conservative Democrats would be emboldened to go their own way, especially if many colleagues who stuck with the president lose.

Rep. Bobby Bright, an Alabama Democrat who calls himself a “fiercely independent” conservative, said the Democratic leadership largely let conservative House Democrats vote according to the dictates of their districts, a low-risk approach for a party with 77 more seats than Republicans. A loss of even a dozen would put Democratic conservatives in the catbird seat, assuming they return and remain united.


In Democratic caucus meetings throughout 2009 and this year, White House senior adviser David Axelrod repeatedly made the case that wavering Democrats would be tarred by Republicans with the president’s agenda whether they liked it or not. So, he argued, they might as well vote with the White House.

But resistance to the agenda is rewarding some House Democrats as the midterm elections approach. Mr. Bright from Alabama voted against the president on health care, climate change, the stimulus act and Wall Street regulation—and in one of the most conservative districts represented by any Democrat, he is strongly in the running.

You don’t say?  You mean voting on a conservative agenda will get you reelected? Shocker!

I’ve always maintained that one of the big reasons the Democrats were able to gain majorities in 2006-2008, was that moderate Democrats in red and purple states were able to win, in lieu of  a Republican party gone astray.  Voters in those districts wanted conservative candidates, they just happened to find them in the Democratic party as opposed to the GOP.

With those majorities in place, ramming the Obama agenda (veering to the left) through the congress was not going to sit well with those voters.  The result is what you see now–a potential collapse of that center majority.

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