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Red Washington

A bunch of liberal Democrats held some sort of rally in D.C. today, which essentially was born of a knee-jerk, cry-baby reaction to the success of the Tea Party over the past 19 months.

Supposedly, the people who attended this rally represented the (ahem) “real” America.  Note the ignorant MSNBC blowhard Ed Schultz:

“This is a defining moment in America. Are you American?” Schultz told the raucous crowd. “This is no time to back down. This is time to fight for America.”

Got that?  Time to fight for America.  Despite the fact that liberals like Schultz and the dregs at this rally have elected and supported Obama and the Democrats, who have held majorities in Congress for nearly four years now.  They’re fighting for what, exactly?

I’ve been listening to Ed Schultz’s radio show and I’ve heard him shoot down assumptions from the Right that this rally would be astroturfed by unions and a platform for American socialists.  Keep that in mind as you watch this video:

(H/T to Nice Deb)

Doug Ross has a boatload of photos.  Here’s a taste:


Click through for more of what Ed Schultz, the SEIU and the base of the Democratic party consider their “America”.  Looking at these images, it should be clear that next month’s election just took on some added significance.

As for the professional Left, what gets them all giddy is the rally size measuring stick, which amounts to nothing more than a childish “nyah nyah” cry about whose crowd size was bigger.  See this pathetic post here

Of course everything is not as it appears.

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