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A message to Murkowski and Castle

Sure these midterm races are tightening, as they always do.  But as Chris Cilliza notes, Republicans are still gaining momentum.

WaPo has now moved two states–Wisconsin and Rhode Island–into the Lean Republican box, while West Virginia moves from Lean Democratic to Toss Up.

Nothing new here if you’ve been following these races on an hourly basis like yours truly, but nonetheless it’s still great to see the GOP being competitive in places like West Virginia and Wisconsin.

There’s a nugget in Cilliza’s piece that stuck out to me:

In New Hampshire, former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte (R) appears to have quickly put her narrow primary win behind her and united the GOP. Polling suggests that she has a comfortable lead over Rep. Paul Hodes (D).

Got that?  Party unity helps win elections (or at least keeps them competitive).

I know it’s too much to ask of career politicians like Mike Castle and Lisa Murkowski to not think of themselves for once, and think of their party, but this just irked me.   Sure, Delaware will most likely probably be a hold for the Democrats, but an endorsement of O’Donnell could have helped.  Two weeks ago anyway.

And what to say of Princess Murkowski up in Alaska?  The seat’s almost certainly a Republican hold if she stops being so pig-headed and stops the write-in insanity up there.   But again, too much to ask.

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