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Obama White House continues its lies about the Chamber of Commerce

What a bunch of sleaze:

With his party facing losses in next month’s election, President Obama pressed his argument Sunday that the opposition is trying to steal the election with secret special-interest money, possibly including money from foreign companies.


Mr. Obama has increasingly turned to the issue of campaign finance to motivate his supporters as the elections grow nearer and the polls remain bad for Democrats. With his party outmatched in advertising sponsored by groups that do not have to disclose their donors under a Supreme Court decision issued earlier this year, Mr. Obama has suggested that the sponsors of campaign advertising have sinister motivations.

“You don’t know,” he said here. “It could be the oil industry, it could be the insurance industry, it could even be foreign-owned corporations. You don’t know because they don’t have to disclose. Now that’s not just a threat to Democrats, that’s a threat to our democracy.”

Still, in saying it “could” be foreign corporations, Mr. Obama softened his language from last week after the original assertion was disputed, and was more equivocal than a new Democratic National Committee advertisement that asserts the involvement of overseas money more directly.


David Axelrod, the president’s senior adviser, was asked Sunday by Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” on CBS if he had any evidence that the chamber was using secret foreign funds to influence the election.

“Well, do you have any evidence that it’s not, Bob?” Mr. Axelrod replied. “The fact is that the chamber has asserted that, but they won’t release any information about where their campaign money is coming from. And that’s at the core of the problem here.”

I have serious questions about David Axelrod being a child molester.  Sure he’ll deny it, but can he prove that he isn’t? 

This is the same type of brow-beating, Chicago style politics that these clowns have been playing for over two years now. 

Here is the ad:

David Zurawick of the Baltimore Sun writes:

The Democratic National Commitee is using the same sort of tactic and logic that Sen. Joe McCarthy used in the 1950s: Level a headline-grabbing and unsubstantiated charge, like the State Department is filled with communists, and then say it is up to the State Department and the employees so charged to prove it is not true.

So much for hope and change; this is the politics of fear, slander and divisiveness on the eve of an election that looks as if it could deliver a damning verdict on the first two years of the Obama administration.

More and more, as each day passes, President Obama’s team of lowlife political operators and the Democrats in Congress just exude this aura of desperation and this Chamber of Commerce episode is just another example of that.  No ideas, no solutions, just sludge.


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