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Huff Po: GOP tsunami coming

Take anything from the Huffington Post with a grain of salt, but I think this assessment of the state of the electorate as of October 13th, 2010 is fairly accurate:

During the last 14 days the White House and President Obama have gone on the attack, and their strategy is pretty simple: “Let’s acknowledge the voter anger and make sure it gets funneled toward something else.” Thus we have seen political attacks on just about everyone–and everything–out there. The problem, though, is that voters aren’t angry with Karl Rove, John Boehner, the Chamber of Commerce or even the “undisclosed financing” of elections. Voters are angry about the economy and they have two devastating perceptions of this administration: voters think it is incompetent and that it has overreached over the past two years.

An even bigger problem for the White House is that voters may have already tuned the President out; virtually every possible metric used to evaluate the outcome of the midterm elections suggest a massive GOP victory. So let’s just come out and say it: there is no reason to think that Republicans will do any worse than 1994 (when they picked up 54 seats) and there is plenty of data to suggest that it will, in fact, be a better year for the GOP. Our projection–based on all current available data–is that the GOP will gain between 60 and 70 House seats in November.

These are some insane projections.  Yes, I am a pessimist, but seriously–60-70 seats?  Considering the target audience at Huff Po, perhaps the author is trying to rile up a Democratic base that feels as if it’s getting more complacent as we inch closer to election day.

But as I said, the assessment seems right.  President Obama lives in  a never-ending campaign bubble which is only effective with an opponent personified.  Bush and McCain filled that need perfectly during 2008.

He feels as though any negative turn in public opinion of himself and Democrats can be resolved with more stump speeches, those of the tie-less, sleeves-rolled-up and pointing of the finger variety.  Sure it worked during the campaign, and maybe the first few months of the administration, but it seems hollow now.  Which only goes to show that the Obama mystique is nothing but smoke and mirrors, thrown in with some bitter, partisan ideology.   Voters have begun to see through this for well over a year now, and are about to make their voices heard in less than three weeks.

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines)

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