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What we’re up against

Congressman Charlie Wilson is running for reelection to Ohio’s 6th congressional district, having won his first term in 2006.  He’s also a wife beater.

Until Jim Geraghty brought this to my attention, I never would have known.  The media is silent.  You would think that any of the news networks would be running with this story on their home pages and on their nightly news shows.  Nothing.   It’s the same with the liberal blogosphere.  Silence.  In politics, silence means acceptance and affirmation.

A few days ago, the Anchoress wrote in response to the media’s blatant bias against Christine O’Donnell:

…[It] pretty much sums up why, as long as the mainstream media has control over the national conversation, things won’t change much.

They don’t have the control they had even two years ago, but unfortunately, they still control too much.

I’ll agree with that 100%.

Charlie Wilson, of course, is a Democrat:

We don’t have a news business. We have a narrative-reinforcement business, and they do a strikingly effective job of collectively averting their eyes from information that hurts their preferred cause. For Pete’s sake, this is wife-beating we’re talking about, and it is admitted in a public record. How is this not news? How is this not something that the voters in Ohio’s 6th congressional district ought to know about before they cast their vote?
This, in part, is what this election is about. The double standard is now so large you can’t get your head around it. We cannot have a healthy democracy where those whose job is to inform the public see their first duty as protecting the reputations of their preferred incumbents.

If these wife-beating revelations came out on say,  Joe Miller running for Senate in Alaska, or Rand Paul in Kentucky, there would be calls for withdrawal and gnashing of teeth throughout the media.  On top of that, as Geraghty points out, look at what happened with Mark Foley in 2006.  Four years ago at this time, you knew everything you needed to know about Mark Foley.   Today, the Charlie Wilson story remains buried.

So even now still, in 2010, as we head into the home stretch of what is shaping up to be a special midterm election, conservatives and the Republican party, as they have since I can remember, are still fighting on two fronts–Democrats and the media.

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