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Rust Belt blues

In the next installment of what appears to be a never-ending series on the Democrats’ failure in the important Rust Belt states, the extremists appear to be the left-wing Obama White House and the Democrats in Congress, and not conservative Republicans: 

President Obama faces the worst of all situations: The right is fired up, the left is passive and the middle has largely abandoned him. His policies have pushed out moderate elected Democrats, who found no place in their party to legislate from the middle.

Think of U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, the centrist Indiana Democrat who generated shock waves this year when he announced he would resign; his ideals of balanced budgets, tax cutting and a strong national defense had no place in the Obama administration.


One of the big dilemmas for Democrats this year is just how much the president has lost the middle ground in the electorate,” says Mark Rozell, a public policy professor at George Mason University.

“The president’s image has moved left, and it is an open question as to whether he can recapture the middle in time for his own re-election campaign in two years,” Rozell says.


The Obama administration has displayed an alarming lack of understanding of how America works beyond Harvard’s halls or Washington’s trendy neighborhoods.


In the final weeks of the midterm campaign, the president’s narrative bears no resemblance to his 2004 speech promising an end to the ugliness of Washington’s political division.

Yeah, yeah.  That’s interesting and all, but what do Pennsylvania voters think about the Chamber of Commerce?

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