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President Bush at the University of Texas

An SRO crowd and a few standing ovations for President Bush:

Former President George W. Bush pulled back the curtain of the Oval Office and gave East Texans a picture of what his job was like during the high and low points.

With trademark humor and conviction, he said he sought to lead with vision and optimism and to leave the office equal to or better than it was when he arrived.

“Here’s what you learn,” he said. “You realize you’re not it. You’re a part of something bigger than yourself.”

Talk about modesty.  “Bigger than yourself”.  After everything he put up with, the relentless attacks and insults by the media and the hateful Left, the idiots in Congress, etc., the guy still has class and modesty.

Compare that with the current occupant of the White House, with all the arrogance and snobbery, the sense of entitlement and avarice.  “Don’t make me look bad…“, Obama says when talking to supporters and trying to get out the vote.  His legacy is at stake.
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