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Clinton scratches his head

President Clinton has been on the road stumping for Democrats, trying to alleviate the inevitable smack-down on November 2nd.

Ben Smith highlights this bit out of yesterday’s WaPo, which says a lot:

Over the past two weeks, Clinton has had one day off, Saturday, which he spent in Northern California with his close friend Terry McAuliffe. The two stayed up late, playing cards and drafting new talking points for Democrats to trot out on the trail.

“He literally sat down with a yellow legal pad,” said McAuliffe, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, adding that Clinton told him: “Make sure, Terry, you get these talking points out to every candidate.”

It was then, McAuliffe said, that Clinton confided that he has been frustrated with the Democrats’ message.

“He is just baffled and bewildered about why there has not been a more coherent message talking about what the party has done, why we allowed ourselves to become human pinatas,” McAuliffe said. “I think he is agitated that Democrats haven’t put their best foot forward in explaining to the American public what they’ve actually done.”

The fact that most Democrats are political cowards doesn’t come across to Bubba, I guess.

He’s “baffled” as to why Democrats aren’t running around in their red and purple state districts proclaiming the supposed the benefits of healthcare reform, the repeal of which, most Americans now favor.  Or that they should be happy with their stealth $17 a week tax-cut (for a married couple).

You’re welcome, bitches.

Baffling indeed.

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