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A GOP cleansing

RNC Chairman Michael Steele has been touring the country stumping for GOP candidates in the “Fire Pelosi” tour bus.  The latest stop was in Concord, New Hampshire.

A Republican voter had an interesting take on what Republicans are doing in 2010:

Steele closed his remarks with a request that audience members take time to write down a headline they hope to see the morning after the election and put it somewhere they can see it every day.

“Ask yourselves: What have I done today to make that headline come true?” Steele said.

Sue Companion, a 46-year-old from Northwood, attended Steele’s speech with her 3-year-old son Austin. A Republican since she began voting during the Reagan administration, she had been following the bus tour online and saw that it was coming to New Hampshire.

I want to see something different happen in Washington,” she said. Instead of “more politics and more business as usual,” Companion said she wants “more of what the American people want to see happening.”

Republicans who get elected in the coming tsunami on November 2nd, better take note.  This is a call for real change in Washington.  People are disgusted by what they’re seeing in Washington.  Poll after poll shows that we hold Washington pols in complete and utter contempt.  Republicans are no exception to this–they are just as unpopular as Democrats.

We can expect to see a lot of new faces in the Republican caucus in the 112th Congress.  Those who were real Tea Partiers, I expect to do what they were elected to do–for the most part.  The other Republicans who just rode the coattails of the anti-Democrat party sentiments of the electorate, had better step up to the plate and listen to the message that voters are sending.

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