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AZ-7: Ruth McClung moneybomb tomorrow

Ruth McClung is making life hell for the socialist Democrat, Raul Grijalva in Arizona’s 7th congressional district.  RCP currently lists this race as a Toss Up which is something the Democrats were not expecting as recently as September, and has caught the Grijalva campaign off-guard and light in the treasury. 

The Democrats don’t want this to be a problem:

Democrats won’t let Grijalva go down without a fight, and his once-depleted coffers are beginning to swell again.

Since Saturday, he’s reported raising $75,500 — $15,400 of which came from Arizona, according to campaign finance records.

The competition for the seat was sleepy until the last few weeks when polling showed the contest tightening. Many Democrats believe Grijalva will pull it out in the end — mostly because the Democratic-leaning district gave President Obama 57 percent of its votes in 2008.

But they are privately critical of his failure to build a stronger campaign and of his political misfire on the boycott, which he endorsed in response to Arizona’s tough new immigration crackdown law.

The book on Grijalva: If he loses, it will be from a self-inflicted wound. If he wins, he will have drawn valualbe resources away from other Democratic campaigns that could have used the money.

Democrats losing districts like Arizona’s 7th means the difference between a wave and a tsunami for Republicans in 2010.  I prefer the latter.

Conservative activists need to bleed Grijalva’s coffers dry by supporting Ruth McClung and get out the vote.  

And what better time for a Ruth McClung moneybomb than tomorrow?

Ruth McClung for Congress

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