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Dems in a “world of hurt”

A little over a week left and taking over the House is pretty much a done deal for the GOP:

[…] Republicans have placed enough seats into play that Democrats now seem likely to give up many of the gains they made in the last two election cycles, leaving Washington on the brink of a substantial shift in the balance of power.

The final nine days of the midterm election are unfolding across a wide landscape, with several dozen House races close enough to break either way, determining whether the election produces a Republican wave that reaches deep into the Democratic ranks. In the Senate, Democrats were bracing to lose seats, but the crucial contests remained highly fluid as Republicans struggled to pull away in several Democratic-leaning states.


While the outlook is grim for Democrats in the House, according to interviews with candidates, pollsters and consultants involved in races, the field remains volatile and strong voter turnout could save some seats. Yet even by conservative calculations, Republicans are well within reach of winning back a majority they lost four years ago.

“There are Democratic candidates who still appear to be in the race, but our candidates are delivering the fatal blow,” said Representative Pete Sessions of Texas, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “If we look all across the country, we are seeing incumbent Democrats in a world of hurt.”

Step on the gas.  Destroy every little bit of their vanishing majorities in both chambers as much as humanly possible.


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