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DSCC buying ad time in Alaska

The Senate race in Alaska is turning out to be a major clusterfark for the GOP:

In a last-ditch effort to aid their Senate nominee Scott McAdams, Democrats purchased airtime Friday in Alaska.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee purchased $165,000 worth of ads that will start airing this weekend, according to Andrew MacLeod, the general sales manager at Anchorage television station KTUU.

The DSCC’s eleventh-hour independent expenditure suggests the committee believes McAdams has a chance to defeat Republican Joe Miller and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is running a write-in campaign to retain her seat. McAdams was widely viewed as a long-shot candidate when he filed to challenge Murkowski earlier this year, but the unique dynamics of what became a three-way race have given the Democrat an opening — although it’s unclear yet from recent polling how much of a shot McAdams truly has.

Two polls released this week show the initial front-runner in the general election, Miller, losing ground.

A month ago, I didn’t think anyone in the Republican party could possibly beat Mike Castle as wanker of the year.  Lisa Murkowski has done that, and then some.

UPDATE.  And just to prove my point even further, Dan Riehl has this bit of Murkowski insanity.

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