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Evan Bayh

David Weigel is no fan of the soon-to-be former Senator from Indiana, who’s been making the rounds of the cable talk shows, opining on tomorrow’s midterm elections:

If you’re a Democrat, watching Bayh predict that his party will only lose seven seats is remote-control-through-the-screen stuff — Bayh quit his job with $13 million in the bank and polls showing him with a very good chance of holding his seat. It’s now one of the three to five seats seen as certain to go Republican.

But if you’re a Republican, surely you find Bayh’s circus act tiring, too. This is a guy who voted with his party on every significant vote of the Obama presidency thus far — Supreme Court judges, health care reform, stimulus package, all of it that actually got through the Senate. And yet whenever he gets a microphone, he whines that Obama made too many moves to the left and ignored the center. All by himself, Evan? We’re lucky this guy didn’t find his calling as a guidance counselor.


Nothing should give Obama supporters as much doubt in their man’s political acumen than the fact that this quivering mound of generic brand jell-o was on the shortlist for the vice presidency.

I have to agree with most of Weigel’s post.

But still, as Democratic party big shots assess the damage from tomorrow’s election, I’m sure there will be a sizable push to moderate.  And there really isn’t a more clear example of moderation than Evan Bayh.  And if the polls showing that Democrats favor a primary challenge to President Obama, are even somewhat accurate, you can be sure Mr. Bayh will be paying attention.

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