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NJ Tea Party gearing up for state races

This is good to see on a beautiful, post-election day Saturday here in New Jersey:

Avowed Tea Party conservatives from Central Jersey gathered two days after Tuesday’s midterm elections to exchange views and look ahead to next year’s election, when all members of the state Legislature will face the voters.

“State elections, the Assembly and state senators,” said Tea Party activist Peter Carroll when asked where the group would likely direct its energy.

Carroll and a dozen others met Thursday night in the Peter Pank Diner on Route 9, where they analyzed the ways they believe they affected Tuesday’s local voting. They also heard from a representative of the group FairTax.org.


During the meeting at the diner Thursday, John Day of Piscataway said he does not believe the movement will become a political party. “I don’t see it as a party,” said the marketing executive who said he is particularly bothered by government debt.

“You have as much responsibility for your governance as you do for your daily obligations – working or raising a family…Debt equals slavery. Your political freedom is dependent on your economic freedom,” he said.

Retired sales executive Bob Letu of Monroe said, “The country is going in the wrong direction and it has to change.”

“We have a trend in this country of rewarding people for doing less and punishing people who produce…We are giving people more and more reasons not to get up in the morning and be productive. Government give-away programs are not going to solve the problem,” Letu added.

It’s great to see regular American citizens use their God-given right to speak up for conservative principles.  That’s essentially what the Tea Party was all about.

New Jersey’s state legislature is up for reelection next year.  With the grassroots foundation the Tea Party and conservatives have built here in central Jersey over the past year, plus the massive turnover in state legislatures all throughout the country this past Tuesday, the Republican party should be in good shape for 2011.  That, and we should be bolstering the support for the 2012 general election and Governor Christie’s reelection in 2013.

More importantly, the buzz from Tuesday’s results should wear off fast.  The holidays are coming  and there is a natural propensity to kick back and relax.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But I can’t overemphasize that the easiest part of these midterms was getting up and voting.  A grassroots organization needs to be continually cultivated.  The work should continue.

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