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Who’s out of touch with reality?

Hard core liberals are hell-bent on proving that the beating that Democrats took on Tuesday was not because they were too liberal, but rather, that they weren’t liberal enough.

Glenn Greenwald:

People are suffering economically and Democrats have done little about that.  Beyond that, they failed to inspire their own voters to go to the polls.  Therefore, they lost.  By basing their power in Congress on Blue Dog dependence — rather than advocating for the views of their own supporters and implementing those policies — they failed, and failed resoundingly.  

Building their party around a large number of muddled, GOP-replicating corporatists not only creates a tepid and failed political image, but far worse, it prevents actual policies from being implemented that benefit large number of ordinary Americans.  Democrats repeatedly refrained from advocating for such policies in deference to their Blue Dogs, failed to do much to alleviate the economic suffering of ordinary Americans, and thus got crushed.


The DCCC constantly works to prop up the most “centrist” or conservative candidates — i.e., corporatists — on the ground that it’s always better, more politically astute, to move to the Right.  Even in the pro-Democratic wave years of 2006 and 2008, the Democratic Party blocked actual progressives and ensured that Blue Dogs were nominated, even though the anti-GOP sentiment was so strong that any Democrat, including progressives, could have won even in red districts (as Alan Grayson proved).


My guess is that this is the prevailing view by liberals–that the big-shots at the DSCC and the DCCC failed to promote real progressives (whatever that means) and therefore, liberal-leaning voters were forced to vote for these watered-down Democrats, and built majorities in 2006 and 2008 doing so.

This view is somewhat myopic.  The fact of the matter is that there would have been no majorities if it wasn’t for the Blue Dogs.  During the Bush years, voters in red districts took out their frustrations by voting Democrat.  It really is that simple.  Greenwald cites GOP corruption and the Iraq war as the reasons for the flight to Democrats, and these reasons are accurate, but they weren’t the only ones.  Profligate spending by a GOP-led Congress turned off voters as well and dare I say it, was probably the biggest reason for their change of heart. 

Do liberals like Greenwald really believe that voters are really so progressive-minded, yet would overwhelmingly throw out conservative Democrats in record numbers in favor of conservative Republicans on Tuesday night?  After voting to pass legislation like healthcare reform and the financial regulation bill?  Those progressive voters are certainly fickle–and dumb, if that were truly the case.

But if the left insist that they need to push for more liberal candidates, even in red districts, then by all means.  Forge ahead.

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