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Foreign Policy of Me

This Washington Post article is about the mess that is Obama’s foreign policy, but this excerpt pretty much encapsulates his approach to policy in general:

“He assumed that because he was liked so clearly and overwhelmingly he could merely assert what he wanted to achieve and people would follow,” said Simon Serfaty, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “Clearly enough, the world that he imagined proved to be different than the world as it is.”

Pundits like to talk of “experience” when vetting Presidential candidates.  Unfortunately for us, the self-proclaimed watchdogs in our national media failed to even look at the glaring lack of experience of then Senator Barack Obama, not to mention his radical past, while getting all tingly up the leg, and such.  The left just grinned and turned their heads.

Now we are seeing results of his incompetency.  Barack Obama served (effectively) two terms in the Illinois State Senate, and about two-thirds of his only stint as US Senator, while two years of his time in the latter was spent campaigning for the Presidency.  Throughout his entire political life, he surrounded himself with sycophants, while eating up all the baseless adulation and pre-conceived narratives of “aspirations” in the Democrat party.  In other words, no meaningful experience to speak of.

Any wonder why US foreign policy under Barack Obama is questionable, at best?

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