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Recovery Summer turns into Bread Line Winter

This morning’s (un)employment report was ugly:

The United States added a total of just 39,000 jobs last month, down from a gain of 172,000 in October, the Department of Labor reported on Friday. With local governments shedding jobs, the additions in the private sector were too small to reduce the ranks of the unemployed or even to keep pace with people entering the work force. The unemployment rate, which is based on a separate survey of households, rose to 9.8 percent.

The tally remains bleak. More than 15 million people are out of work, among them 6.3 million who have been jobless for six months or longer. Many are about to exhaust their unemployment benefits, which have been extended repeatedly by the government because of the severity of the downturn.


“I’m still trying to get my jaw off the floor,” said Andrew Stettner, deputy director of the National Employment Law Project. “What it does is it kills the story that maybe I thought we could start telling, which was steady improvement. If we had four months in a row of improving jobs numbers, we would still need a lot of work to get back to full employment, but now it’s not even moving in the right direction.”

It’s worth remembering here that an extremely partisan Democratic party has controlled Congress for nearly four years, and the party has been in the White House for almost two of those years. 

These facts of course, won’t prevent liberal partisans to pretend as if the last few years of government controlled by radical Democrats  never happened:

If our political system were sane, awful news like this would be a much-needed wake-up call that would spur policymakers to action. There would be an immediate drive on the part of Congress and the White House to do far more to stimulate the economy, inject more capital into the system, and invest in job-creation measures immediately.

Clearly this is a joke of some kind.  Where have the likes of Steve Benen been over the past 20 months, when the Democrats were voting through a trillion-dollar “stimulus” bill (one in which they gloated that Republicans’ lack of votes would cost the GOP at the polls?) that would produce oodles and oodles of “shovel-ready” jobs? 

The endless proclamations of being “on the right track” by Obama?  The idiocy of Joe Biden and the “Recovery Summer” farce?   Isn’t this the kind of “action” that Benen is talking about?  How much more will do the trick?  Another trillion?

Or how about the $13 per-paycheck, phantom Obama “tax cut” liberals love to go on about?  The one nobody seemed to notice?  Is that in line with the job-creating measures that Benen is referring to? 

This is typical left-wing cut and run garbage, in typical fashion.  They’re not even pretending to take some blame for their disastrous economic record.  They’re more content in pretending they weren’t even there.

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