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More leftist vitriol and anger

Today was a good day for the Republic.  A grassroots revolt took place among the citizenry over the better part of the last two years.  Conservatives mobilized, organized and made change happen.  The changing of the guard as it were, from one political party to another, in a chamber of Congress.  Peaceably, without a nasty coup, violence or bloodshed.   Breathe that all in.  For the most part, the system works.

But that doesn’t stop the bitter, partisan and very, very angry left.   See, they don’t like what happened today.  In their eyes, this wasn’t supposed to happen.  But who to blame for Republicans taking a sizable majority in the House of Representatives? 

Why it’s you, you f***ing rubes!

I am still in mourning for not only the results and losing my favorite girl, Pelosi, but i am ALSO in mourning for my realization of the sheer stupidity of all these American voters.

How ironic is it for the typical rust belt white blue collar worker to lose patience in mere months and then vote in someone who gets turned-on by wanting to ELIMINATE that same voters’ unemployment benefits?

Stupid macabre, masochistic, dumbfuck voters!!! And, ya know what? I say, let ’em lose their benefits if they’re that stupid to NOT realize who is FOR them and who is AGAINST them. Serves them right. No sympathy anymore here!!! Cuz with it, went MY issues like gay rights cuz Boner won’t do shit for GLBTs.

That’s right.  Don’t you idiots get it?  See, four years of Democrat Party rule has brought us endless reams of ruinous economic policies, helped raise the unemployment rate to near 10%, and initiated the government takeover of healthcare.  You morons don’t understand how great you have it, and don’t even have the decency to re-elect the same corruptocrats that brought us to this glorious liberal utopia called the United States, circa 2010.  And who’s gonna look out for teh gheys?  Priorities, you idiots!

This is a microcosm of how the Left sees the United States.  The politics of adolescence.  The politics of hate and anger, of bitterness and jealousy.  The majority of Americans be damned.

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