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Heed these words

Regarding the tragedy in Arizona over the weekend, I’ve sat back and read and watched as much as I could as everything unfolded.  I wasn’t able to stomach the crap that I saw on my Twitter feed, the amateurish ignorance coming from the Left (and some from the Right) boggles the mind.  

One thing’s for sure—Palin Derangement Syndrome is alive and well.  You can feel the anger and maniacal hatred they have for her, with baseless allegations all over the place.   You almost get the feeling that they love tragedies like this–it’s the only way they can justify their anger.

In all the chaos, here’s some words of advice from Stacy McCain:

…[I]t’s just politics, people!

No matter how intense the debate or how serious the issues, no one ought to fear for their safety merely because they become involved in the political process, either as an elected official or any other capacity.

Amen to that.

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