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Days of Rage in Egypt

First Tunisia, now Egypt is the next tinderbox in the Arab world.  The Mubarak government is trying to suppress the flow of information by “shutting down” the Internet, but apparently that’s not working so well:

CNN’s Ben Wedeman, who maintains an active Twitter presence, reports that cell phone relay towers were deactivated but that Egyptians are still able to access Twitter. Other Twitter streams belonging to well-known Egyptians in English, Arabic and French corroborate Wedeman’s claim.

While access to Twitter via mobile phones is painfully slow in Egypt, users with access to computers have been posting stunning videos and photographs via Twitpic, Facebook and YouTube that are then being widely retweeted, reposted and reblogged by sympathizers around the world.

Meanwhile, imagine you’re an Egyptian government stormtrooper, and this is what you’re seeing:


More eye-opening photos here.

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