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Shocker: Small business owners don’t care about government lending programs

John Krubski of the Guardian Life Small Business Institute runs a study and finds that small business entrepreneurs don’t really care much for small business “help” from Washington:

[…] 20 small business owners recently responded to the following question from a researcher: “What do you think of the small business lending act recently passed by the U.S. Senate?”

Nineteen quizzical looks and a few yawns clearly telegraphed the answer, “What bill would that be again?” One participant, the founder and CEO of a 150-person firm, was more specific: “I heard something about some legislation, but I didn’t find it interesting enough to want to know more.”


The sentiments I heard from the entrepreneurs confirmed […] that there is a discernible incongruity between the economic “world view” of big business and government and the economic “ground view” of 26 million small business owners.


The fact that small businesses go out of business when they run out of money, while big ones often stay in business long after they run out of money helps to explain why the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act is largely being seen as irrelevant by the very constituency it was created to assist.  It simply doesn’t address their needs.


Instead, they would prefer that government create laws that are more simplified and reduce the red tape that slows small business down and actually encumbers their efforts to earn a living.

Who here is shocked that there’s a disconnect between Washington DC and the private sector?

This goes for politicians of both parties, but rings especially true for liberal Democrats, who feel that government, and only government, has the virtue and the knowledge to bestow upon the private economy what it thinks we need and want.  Meanwhile what they really are providing is more bureaucracy, more red tape and more taxpayer money flushed down the toilet.

That most politicians in DC have no clue how to help the private sector should surprise no one outside of the Beltway.

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