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High speed rail is the answer to everything

Worry not, you loathsome cretin, our economic utopia is upon us:

Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced an ambitious $53 billion program to build new high-speed rail networks and make existing ones faster over the next six years.

Biden, who estimated he has ridden Amtrak between Washington and his home in Wilmington, Delaware, some 7,900 times, made a strong pitch for rail transportation to enable the United States to compete and lead internationally.

“This is about seizing the future,” he said, making the announcement at Philadelphia’s busy 30th Street station with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Japan and China are already building high-speed rail, and “there’s no reason, none,” that the United States cannot do the same, Biden said.

“If we do not, you tell me how America is going to be able to lead the world in the 21st century.”

I don’t think I fully understand the liberal obsession with high-speed rail.  Is it because of their love for everything European, as in political systems and economic policy?  (“Most of Europe has government-run healthcare, why don’t we”, was the mantra during the Obamacare debate, for example.)

Apparently, they’d like us rubes to forget that the United States has dabbled in public rail systems before, and um, well….that hasn’t worked out so good.

Of course, if anyone is opposed to flushing more taxpayer money down the toilet for the sake of “high-speed rail”, they will no doubt be labeled as racist or hate-mongers, or “against progress” and the like, because the media left supports it.

So be prepared for that meme, as the White House pushes its next government solution to solve everything high-speed rail.


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