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When you’ve lost Andrew Sullivan…

Sullivan rips into the President and his new budget proposal:

The crisis is the cost of future entitlements and defense, about which Obama proposes nothing. Yes, there’s some blather. But Obama will not risk in any way any vulnerability on taxes to his right or entitlement spending to his left. He convened a deficit commission in order to throw it in the trash. If I were Alan Simpson or Erskine Bowles, I’d feel duped. And they wereduped. All of us who took Obama’s pitch as fiscally responsible were duped.
[I]n his refusal to do anything concrete to tackle the looming entitlement debt, in his failure to address the generational injustice, in his blithe indifference to the increasing danger of default, he has betrayed those of us who took him to be a serious president prepared to put the good of the country before his short term political interests.  Like his State of the Union, this budget is good short term politics but such a massive pile of fiscal bullshit it makes it perfectly clear that Obama is kicking this vital issue down the road.

On the critical issue of America’s fiscal crisis, he represents no hope and no change. Just the same old Washington politics he once promised to end.

To all those under 30 who worked so hard to get this man elected, know this: he just screwed you over. He thinks you’re fools. Either the US will go into default because of Obama’s cowardice, or you will be paying far far more for far far less because this president has no courage when it counts. He let you down.

This is rough coming from Sullivan.  He’s been an Obama standard-bearer since it was cool and hip to do so, and now this is what it’s come down to.

I hate to keep kicking a dead horse, but can anyone explain how Barack Obama–as state senator and half-term US Senator– would be experienced and knowledgeable enough to make the tough decisions that Andrew Sullivan now–almost three years after the election–says he can’t make?

A senator who failed to come up with a single piece of considerable or substantive legislation during his time in that chamber?  A senator who literally voted present on the issues that came before him?  Someone who’s only qualifications to be President was that he was of age and was not George W. Bush?

Maybe Andrew Sullivan just answered that question.  But then again, I knew the answer all along.

[Hat Tip: Memeorandum]

UPDATE.   Allahpundit piles on in a must-read post:

On the seminal issue of his time, the long-term fiscal sustainability of the United States, [President Obama] has completely abdicated. In fact, I’m tempted to say that this, not ObamaCare, will be the cornerstone of his legacy, but that’s really a false choice.


Remember too that O once famously said he’d rather be a good one-term president than a mediocre two-termer. Today’s budget exposes that canard for the total fraud that it is. He could have dealt with Social Security and Medicare here but seniors won’t stand for that, and, well, there’s an election coming up and we all know how high turnout is among seniors…

Read the whole thing.

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