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A government shutdown is ok if you’re a Democrat

The new meme for the looming budget fight in Congress is that Republicans are “clamoring” for a government shut-down, led by none other than Chucky Schumer.  Forget for a moment that you should consider what Schumer says a lie about ninety-nine percent of the time.

Democrats have no problems with government shutdowns.  The recent events in Wisconsin are a case in point:

…[I]f it’s so “reckless” to shutdown the government, why have Wisconsin legislators, the President and the DNC all supported the government shutdown in Wisconsin? Not only that, they have shutdown the government by fleeing the state and breaking the law, not to mention the illegal union strikes shutting down schools and national Democrats helping to organize the angry mob descending on Madison.

Excellent point by Mark Hemingway.  And what about the notion that a shut-down would be political poison for Republicans, as in 1996?  Maybe that won’t be the case this time around:

…[T]he budget crisis is much, much worse than it was in 1996 — Obama and Congressional Democrats added $4 trillion to the deficit in just over two years. I don’t think the magnitude of our current fiscal problems are lost on voters. And the more Congressional Democrats ratchet up the rhetoric towards the House GOP over the shutdown, the more they’re liable to be called out as rank hypocrites following right on heels of the Democratic temper tantrum in Wisconsin. 

Hypocrites you say?  Yes, I’d say that.

UPDATE.  A Memeorandum thread.

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