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Romney gets the memo

Mitt Romneyis warming up for 2012 by appearing in New Hampshire and tearing into the President.  It’s the standard fare for the pre-pre-primary fireworks, but I thought this bit was interesting:

And now, with the entire Middle East in turmoil, [Obama] and his administration were caught off guard. The President and his team look like deer in the headlights. Instead of leading the world, the President has been tiptoeing behind the Europeans. Newsweek magazine this week said that he hasn’t just lost his foreign policy map for the Middle East–he doesn’t even have one. This is the first time in a quarter of a century that America has had no discernible foreign policy. Not since the days of Jimmy Carter have we had such a foreign policy vacuum in Washington. And it could not have come at a worse time.”

Over the past two years, it’s been made clear that the President and his administration don’t believe in American exceptionalism.  The benefits or faults of that posture can still be debated, but what Romney spoke of is what not being exceptional looks like.  With that mindset, there is no impetus to really lead.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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