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Average American workers still getting the shaft in the Obama era

It wasn’t supposed to be this way:

A study done for the Wall Street Journal, found that incentive pay for the chief executive officers of 50 major corporations  jumped 30% in 2010. That’s on top of their base pay. And it also doesn’t include a whole bunch of other things, like generous retirement packages, gold-plated healthcare plans and use of the corporate jets. Remember how the financial crisis was supposed to wipe away the bonus culture of pay for short-term performance in corporate America. Yes. Well, not so much.


Of course, the news of higher pay for top executives comes at a time when pay for the rest of us seems to be stagnating. Yesterday, the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that average hourly compensation for American workers fell 0.5% in February. The average worker now makes $40,672 a year. What we all make is up from a year ago, but by just 2%. Factor in inflation, and the average worker makes just $0.58 more a week, than they did a year ago.

Aren’t Democrats supposed to have the solution to the income gap in America?  Weren’t the President’s policies going to put an end to this disparity? 

Democrats have been in control of our government for the better part of four years and the problem is as bad as ever.  A message to Democrat voters: President Obama will not solve this problem, nor will Democrats.  The only solutions they have involve taking more and more of your money, and I seriously doubt that will alleviate the problem.

  1. Jaydee
    November 8, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    I have been telling people this for years. Ever since Clinton and his right wing DLC buddies ruined the Democratic party there is nowhere for working people to go. Obama is just Bush lite! He has gone back on almost all of his campaign promises and showed absolutely no leadership during the health care debates. Once the public option was off the table meaningful reform was impossible!

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