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The President’s agenda for today

Transparency and openness:

No public statements on Libya. We’ll presume the senior advisor meeting at 10:30 deals with that.

No public statements on the uprising in Syria. Nothing on hundreds gathering in Amman to protest the Jordanian government. Nothing on President Saleh stepping down in Yemen, a potential loss of a key ally in the war against al-Qaeda. Nothing about new shelling from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Nothing on the continuing worries about radiation in Japan.

No public statements on jobs or the economy. No statements on the deficit, or the $14.2 trillion in public debt, or the budget crises in most states, or the latest problems in Afghanistan (a NATO helicopter gunship accidentally mistook children for insurgents and killed nine of them).

Over two years into this administration, and suffice it to say that the hypocrisy from these people is glaring.  I don’t hear a peep from the left and the administration’s complicit lapdogs in the media about the need to be “open”, about not having press conferences, about not being transparent, about being aloof to the crises of our day.   All of the same issues they had with the previous President.    And it’s especially damning now, with the President having deployed our armed forces to war in Libya.

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