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Really, Tea Party? Donald Trump?

The latest WSJ/NBC poll of potential GOP candidates is drawing a lot of attention today, as well it should.  But only for all the wrong reasons:

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Trump tied for second place with Mike Huckabee, both at 17 percent, and leading the GOP pack among Tea Party supporters.


Trump takes 20 percent of the Tea Party vote, followed by Romney with 17 percent, and Huckabee with 14 percent, the poll found.

Here’s the deal on Donald Trump.  Trump is a crass opportunist, he does anything to get as much attention as possible, spending his time on dumb reality shows among other things.   Pretending to run for president of the United States is just another one of those things.  I seriously doubt he would go through with running for the office, and even if he did, I don’t believe he has any intention of winning the nomination, let alone the White House.  He just wants to try because…well, because he’s Donald Trump.  And that will screw everyone over because the GOP would lose the election, and Obama will win another four years in trying to destroy the country.

I’m not going to pretend to understand how he could possibly get 20% favorability among tea partiers in this or any other poll.  But I am scratching my head.  The tea partiers who support him really need to do some soul-searching.  Donald Trump?  Really?!

Get a grip people.

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