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Autumn is here

October 1, 2011 Leave a comment

September is usually a month of cooling down, switching gears to the fall, which happens to be my favorite season right now.  Since August however, the weather here in Central Jersey has been an alternating mix of hazy, muggy days and rain.  Lots of warm rainfall.

Today we actually got a respite from that, as the midday temps dropped to around 70, and a cool, steady drizzle was falling as I write this.  Today felt like fall (still no sun) and this morning, looking out from my porch, I saw this:

tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler, so here’s hoping that we maintain some fall-ish weather.

Speaking of fall, it was in the fall of 1966 that the Beatles embarked on a mini-vacation from being Beatles, and enjoyed time on their own for those two months.  George Harrison took off to India for about four weeks.  And speaking of George, here’s the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming biopic of my favorite Beatle, which looks nothing short of awesome:



Blogger’s block

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

There’s nothing worse than a blogger forcing a post, which is why this blog has been a bit silent over the past few days.  There’s a lot going on, but nothing is getting me going in terms of blogging.

But I have this clip of Frank Zappa on the Monkees:

Zappa ripping into the synthetic Monkees phenomenon of 1966-1967 always cracks me up.


August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

On this date in 1966, the Beatles released Revolver.

Revolver was right on par with, if not better than, Sgt. Pepper.

Beatles hagiography drives me nuts.  The Beatles were not gods, and were by no means perfect musically.  But their music stands the test of time.  Like all other musical acts, their music needs to be put in the perspective of the era in which it was produced.

And not for nothing, that period from 1966 through early 1968 is probably the best quality period in pop music history.

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