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Autumn is here

October 1, 2011 Leave a comment

September is usually a month of cooling down, switching gears to the fall, which happens to be my favorite season right now.  Since August however, the weather here in Central Jersey has been an alternating mix of hazy, muggy days and rain.  Lots of warm rainfall.

Today we actually got a respite from that, as the midday temps dropped to around 70, and a cool, steady drizzle was falling as I write this.  Today felt like fall (still no sun) and this morning, looking out from my porch, I saw this:

tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler, so here’s hoping that we maintain some fall-ish weather.

Speaking of fall, it was in the fall of 1966 that the Beatles embarked on a mini-vacation from being Beatles, and enjoyed time on their own for those two months.  George Harrison took off to India for about four weeks.  And speaking of George, here’s the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming biopic of my favorite Beatle, which looks nothing short of awesome:



John Lennon, RIP

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the saddest things about Lennon’s murder is that despite the wealth and fame he found in his years with the Beatles, in 1980 he was only just beginning to find happiness in his life.

At the risk of sounding hokey, Lennon and the Beatles remain one of the few inspirations in my life, and I’ve been a fan for nearly thirty years.  They inspired me to play, respect and enjoy music.


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The Beatles are now on iTunes

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

They finally did it:

That screenshot is one for the ages.

Another year, another Beatles/iTunes rumor

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Take it for what it’s worth, but the WSJ is reporting that Apple has struck a deal with EMI and the surviving Beatles to release their catalog on iTunes:

Apple Inc. is preparing to announce that its iTunes Store will soon start carrying music by the Beatles, according to people familiar with the situation, a move that would fill in a glaring gap in the collection of the world’s largest music retailer.

The deal resulted from talks that were taking place as recently as last week among executives of Apple, representatives of the Beatles and their record label, EMI Group Ltd,, according to these people. These people cautioned that Apple could change plans at the last minute.

Spokesmen for Apple, EMI and Paul McCartney declined to comment.

Apple on Monday posted a notice on the home page of its iTunes Store that it would make “an exciting announcement” Tuesday morning.

First off, I’m a Beatles fan but I’m no sycophant.  The first thing  I did when I got my iPod was download my entire Beatles catalog, and I’m sure most Beatles fans did the same.  If the catalog was available at midnight tonight, I don’t think I’d be paying to download songs I already have, even if they were Beatles songs.  Maybe I’d stare at the iTunes screen for a bit, but that’s about it.  Bottom line is, anyone who really wants Beatles music on their iPod so badly, would have bought the CDs and ripped them.  End of story.

On its website, Apple is saying that an announcement for something is coming tomorrow and that “Tomorrow is just another day.  That you’ll never forget”.  Here is a screenshot:

The tie in of course, is that McCartney released a tune called “Another Day” early in his solo career.  But some people are reading way too much into that message, among other subliminal clues, although it would be cool if it came to fruition.   As for me, nobody really knows what’s going down with Apple tomorrow.  To wit, here is a Beatles tune that is a bit more relevant:

Just for the record, I would seriously consider a yellow Beatles iPod preloaded with the catalog.