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Yeah, the liberal media loves to concern troll on behalf of the Obama administration

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Bob Schieffer made a complete ass of himself on CBS’ Face The Nation this morning. 

I was picking up my morning newspaper when I heard this exchange between Schieffer and John Boehner, and I swear I almost threw something heavy into the television:

BOB SCHIEFFER: Mister Boehner, I’m going to ask you this question because I’m not objective about this. I’m– I’m a cancer survivor. I used to be a heavy smoker. Do you still smoke?


BOB SCHIEFFER:  You have taken three hundred and forty thousand dollars from the tobacco industry. They’ve been the largest contributor to your political campaigns over the year. How do you square that with the fact that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths in this country?

Four hundred and thirty-five thousand people, their deaths are linked to cancer. That’s one in five. Ho– how do– how do you justify that in your own mind?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER:   Bob, tobacco is a legal product in America. And the American people have a right to– to decide for themselves whether they want to partake or not.  There are lots of things that we deal with and come in contact with every day from alcohol to food to cigarettes, a lot of things that aren’t good for our health. But the American people ought to have the right to make those decisions on their own.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, I mean, they– they have a right to shoot themselves if they choose to.  But I mean, shouldn’t we do something to try to encourage them not to? I mean, do you think that’s a good example?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: Well, listen. I wish I didn’t have this bad habit, and is a bad habit. You’ve had it. You’ve dealt with it. But it’s something that I choose to do. And, you know at some point maybe I’ll decide I’ve had enough it.

Gotta love that logic.  Not only is John Boehner indirectly related to hundreds of thousands smoking-related deaths in the country every year, but the federal government isn’t doing enough to force people to stop smoking, but it’s also allowing thousands of suicides a year. 

What a bunch of idiotic rubes we are! If only we had the foresight and intelligence to live our lives as determined by a Sunday morning talk show host, there would be no more suicides and no more smoking-related deaths.  Such brilliance!

Good grief.  Either Schieffer is finally succumbing to senility, or the predilection towards Big Brother nanny-statism by left-wingers is so innate and so ingrained in their conscious that they really don’t even realize the idiocy of what they say.  Seriously.

And let’s not kid ourselves.  Last week the President decided to personalize his political opposition by lashing out at John Boehner (just forget that his party has run both chambers of Congress since 2007).  The New York Times took their cue and ran with a political hit piece in this morning’s edition. 

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Gibbs has been pimping the piece all over Twitter. 

What liberal media??