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Senator of the people Claire McCaskill owes taxes, decides to sell private plane

March 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Because she can relate to you miserable rubes in Missouri with your hundreds of thousands in back taxes and private aircraft:

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) said Monday she will sell her private plane and pay back $287,273 in four years of back taxes, the latest chapter in a politically embarrassing saga for the moderate Democrat facing a tough reelection battle in 2012.

McCaskill has been answering questions about the plane since POLITICO recently reported that she billed taxpayers for a political trip around Missouri. POLITICO also reported that McCaskill spent $76,000 from her Senate budget on trips on the aircraft over the past four years, prompting the senator to refund the Treasury Department more than $88,000 for the cost of the trips plus pilot fees.

McCaskill’s announcement Monday is the latest twist in a political scandal that has dogged her for the past two weeks. The expensive fiasco clashes with her self-made image as a reformer and good-government advocate during her first term in the Senate. McCaskill has now shelled out more than $375,000 in payments to cover the cost of the plane flights and back taxes, a series of events the senator herself has called “embarrassing.”

On top of this, McCaskill signed on in February as a co-sponsor of Senate legislation that would fire federal employees if they are “seriously delinquent” in paying their own federal taxes.

Yep.  She whipped out her checkbook and wrote a check for $300,000.  Because we all have that kind of money laying around.  This from a member of the party that purports to be on the side of working class Americans. 

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Sestak admits WH offered him job; Democrats lament potential electoral risk

May 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Democrats want to nip this in the bud before the rubes begin to notice come election time:

Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner (N.Y.) called on the White House on Monday to detail conversations it allegedly had with Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) to try to convince him to drop his Senate bid.

Weiner said that allegations that White House officials had offered Sestak an administration job in exchange for his dropping of his primary bid against Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) had become a growing political liability.


Weiner said that he saw it as likely that nothing inappropriate did happen, but reasoned that this was why the administration needed to be more forthcoming about the case.

“When we’re having conversations like this three days after the nomination, that’s a problem,” said Weiner, who also expressed support for Sestak’s Senate campaign.

But the New York Democrat said the best way to do that was with some sort of release of information, which he said would bury the story.

“Someone has to help us out here, and I think the White House and Congressman Sestak need to make sure we’re not talking about this next week,” Weiner explained.

Are we allowed to refer to Democrats as “corrupt” yet?  Or is corruption just a label for the Republican party?

It isn’t so much about the potential violation of Federal law, or the continuation of politics as usual in Washington.

No, it’s not just that.

I don’t hear any Democrats going on about how unethical this all is–the White House handing out official administration jobs  like candy on Halloween, just as long as it gets its way.  Not to mention interfering with a Senate primary.

We hear none of that.  What we do hear is Democrats lamenting the fact that this “issue” could be damaging to their electoral prospects come this November.  You know, priorities.

Congressman Weiner and the rest of these corrupt Democrats can take a hike.

Kudos to Congressman Issa who’s been pounding the table on this issue for months.

Senator Bob Menendez, Corruptocrat

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

This morning I got up at the usual time and surfed my favorite local New Jersey news sites for blizzard updates, when I saw this story about my ethically-challenged Senator, and head of the DSCC, Robert Menendez:

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez today defended his efforts to convince regulators to save a struggling minority-owned bank in Union County that failed last year.


First BankAmericano had been under financial pressure for more than a year because of mounting loan losses. A highly critical report by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. also found the institution had engaged in unsafe or unsound banking practices, including operating without adequate supervision by its board of directors, an excessive level of delinquent or bad loans, inadequate earnings and insufficient coverage of its assets.

Last May, BankAmericano negotiated a merger agreement with the parent holding company of Crown Bank of Brick, another community bank. Michael Horn, who served as BankAmericano’s attorney, said the $1 million deal was meant to keep the bank branches operating in the community it had served for more than a dozen years. 

Horn said the long delay led to a decision to seek the help of Menendez. The senator, in a July 21 letter to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, urged expedited action on the acquisition plan before a likely takeover by the FDIC.  “Putting First BankAmericano into receivership would send yet another negative message to consumers and investors and further impact our fragile economy,” Menendez wrote. 

The issue as far as Menendez is concerned, is that he regrets the “wording” of his letter to the FDIC which demanded action, rather than “encouraging” it.  

But what’s the real issue here?  Despite Menendez’ bogus concern for “consumers and investors” in general, it’s actually for certain, specific investors: 

The chairman of First BankAmericano at the time of the letter, Joseph Ginarte, is a high-profile attorney with offices in New York and New Jersey. He has given a total of about $30,000 to Mr. Menendez and his political-action committee since 1999, according to federal records.

The vice chairman of the bank was Raymond Lesniak, a New Jersey state senator and local political heavyweight. He also has given generously to Mr. Menendez’s campaign coffers. In 2006, Mr. Lesniak held a fund-raiser at his home for the senator featuring former President Bill Clinton, according to news reports at the time.

When the bank failed, the shareholders, many of them board members, lost their investments. Had the acquisition been approved, Messrs. Ginarte and Lesniak still would have lost a large chunk of their investment but not all, according to First BankAmericano’s former chief executive, Holly Bakke.

One of the reasons Republicans lost their majority status and have suffered at the ballot box over the last few cycles is because of the open corruption and hubris that infected the party.  The media was quick to report it and voters acted accordingly.

Part of the problem with our mainstream media is that they turn a blind to Democratic corruption.  Here is a blatant conflict of interest—a politician demanding that taxpayer money be used to help line the pockets of his political donors.  And then turns around and says he’s concerned about the “message” of the bank’s failure. 

I’m not surprised about any of this—I’ve been wary of him since his days as mayor of Union City. 

Establishment Democrats are corrupt and sleazy, and Menendez is no exception.  Too bad there’s a double standard when dealing with corrupt Republicans versus corrupt Democrats