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Those classy Democrats

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Stay classy, Democrats:

It was a dramatic but fitting start to an evening that brimmed with political defiance. About 5:45 p.m. Wednesday, as guests began strolling into the Plaza Hotel to celebrate Representative Charles B. Rangel’s 80th birthday, former Mayor David N. Dinkins turned to confront a heckler.

“You know you are attending a party for a crook,” the man yelled.

At that, Mr. Dinkins, a paragon of statesmanship and dignity, raised his middle finger at the man, displaying it for all to see, according to witnesses, whose accounts were confirmed by the former mayor.

The former mayor of New York city, attending the birthday party of one of the country’s most corrupt politicians, confronted by a bystander pointing out that fact, tells said bystander to go screw himself.

These Democrats really have their priorities straight don’t they?


Democrat party lies and propaganda vs. economic reality

July 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Nancy Pelosi, after Democrats won back the House in 2006 (via):

The American people called for greater economic fairness, and we pledge to work for an economy that enables all Americans to participate in the economic success of our country.

While this statement might be accurate, the problem is that most Americans are “participating” in a crappy economy.

The economic reality:

The recovery is losing so much momentum that employers are unlikely to step up hiring anytime this year, and unemployment could return to double digits.

That was the bleak conclusion of analysts Friday after the government said economic growth crawled at a 2.4 percent pace in the spring. It was the economy’s weakest showing in nearly a year. And many economists think growth is even slower now.

Consumers spent less, companies slowed their restocking of shelves and the nation’s trade deficit exerted a stronger drag on the economy in the April-to-June quarter.


“We’re headed into the third quarter with little momentum, and most everything is tracking weaker,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “Because of that, I expect unemployment to rise back to double digits, hitting 10 percent in December and staying there early next year.”

Businesses stepped up their spending last quarter, propelled in part by government stimulus. But those gains aren’t likely to be repeated, economists said.

Yeah, so the $787 million stimulus package failed miserably and the economy is swirling the drain.   After all these years, Democrats are still lousy at handling the economy.

But that doesn’t stop the administration and Democrats from travelling the country and  lying about its phantom success.

The real question is: will the American people use their power to vote these morons out of office?

Democratic Party revelling in healthcare reform and FinReg bounce

President Obama is working wonders for the Democratic Party:

Bone-tired and facing a tough political landscape at home, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey announced Wednesday that he won’t seek re-election, ending a 41-year House career stamped by his unique talent and tempestuousness.

Rarely does a committee chairman of such power just walk away, and Obey’s decision is both a blow to Democrats and marks the passing of one of the last major leaders of the 1970’s reforms that reshaped the modern House.

“I am ready to turn the page, and frankly, I think that my district is ready for someone new to make a fresh start,” Obey said in an afternoon press conference in his committee’s meeting room.

Since the passage of healthcare reform, there appeared to be a lull in Democratic party drop-outs and retirements from this November’s midterms.   As I wrote when Senator Bayh announced his decision not to run for re-election, career politicians don’t just give up their offices because of family time or from being tired, no matter what Obey says.

This is just more proof that the political climate is dark and ominous for Democrats this November.

Gallup poll shows Democratic party ratings at an all-time low

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

The Gallup poll is here.  The report shows an across the board decline among Democrats, Indies and Republicans

Allahpundit notes that the leg down began early last summer, around the time that the great healthcare debate began:

One of the great what-ifs for future historians will be what might have happened if The One had held off on O-Care and focused instead on jobs and, say, deficit reduction. Would that have cemented the sweeping gains made by Democrats in 2006 and 2008? Would it have increased his political capital to the point where he’d now be in position to ram through an even more liberal health-care bill?

Maybe a bit presumptuous, as the healthcare bill was passed less than a month ago.  But the implication is clear–ramming through an unpopular entitlement on a strictly partisan line should will be an albatross for the Democrat party.  Definitely in November.  But after November?  The jury’s still out.  Yes, clearly the alleged move to the left that was supposed to have happened in 2006-2008 never occurred and if it did, it’s all but crumbled. 

Two caveats.  First, never underestimate the GOP’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (and the Gallup report is not exactly kind to Republicans either).  And second, never underestimate the American people’s growing affection for a new entitlement.