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Vice President Biden retracts saying what he didn’t say

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Standard Biden fare, as he is an idiot:

Vice President Joe Biden triggered an outcry Monday when he agreed with House Democrats as they described Tea Party Republicans as “terrorists.” Biden first denied he used the term, but his office later conceded that he and others used it in a closed door meeting with House Democrats.

After POLITICO reported that Biden said the Tea Party “have acted liked terrorists,” the GOP cried foul and in the ensuing controversy Biden’s spokesperson, Kendra Barkoff, finally issued a statement “clarifying” the issue.

“The word [terrorist] was used by several members of Congress. The vice president does not believe it’s an appropriate term in political discourse.”

During the closed door meeting, Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) also verbally attacked the Tea Party movement and Republicans who support the group’s platform in his comments.

“We have negotiated with terrorists,” a frustrated Doyle said, according to sources that were in the room at the time the statement was made.

Where are the media drones screaming about toning down the violent rhetoric.  It really is amazing how much Democrats get away with in our political discourse.

High speed rail is the answer to everything

February 8, 2011 1 comment

Worry not, you loathsome cretin, our economic utopia is upon us:

Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced an ambitious $53 billion program to build new high-speed rail networks and make existing ones faster over the next six years.

Biden, who estimated he has ridden Amtrak between Washington and his home in Wilmington, Delaware, some 7,900 times, made a strong pitch for rail transportation to enable the United States to compete and lead internationally.

“This is about seizing the future,” he said, making the announcement at Philadelphia’s busy 30th Street station with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Japan and China are already building high-speed rail, and “there’s no reason, none,” that the United States cannot do the same, Biden said.

“If we do not, you tell me how America is going to be able to lead the world in the 21st century.”

I don’t think I fully understand the liberal obsession with high-speed rail.  Is it because of their love for everything European, as in political systems and economic policy?  (“Most of Europe has government-run healthcare, why don’t we”, was the mantra during the Obamacare debate, for example.)

Apparently, they’d like us rubes to forget that the United States has dabbled in public rail systems before, and um, well….that hasn’t worked out so good.

Of course, if anyone is opposed to flushing more taxpayer money down the toilet for the sake of “high-speed rail”, they will no doubt be labeled as racist or hate-mongers, or “against progress” and the like, because the media left supports it.

So be prepared for that meme, as the White House pushes its next government solution to solve everything high-speed rail.

MU Poll: O’Donnell cuts Coons’ lead in half; independents go 47-42 for O’Donnell

October 29, 2010 Leave a comment

This (PDF) probably explains why President Obama and Vice-President Doofus have been popping up in Delaware over the last few weeks, despite Democrats’ assumptions that the open Senate seat was a slam-dunk:

In the past two weeks, Republican Christine O’Donnell has narrowed Democrat Chris Coons’ lead in Delaware’s U.S. Senate race from 19 points to 10 points. The latest Monmouth University Poll finds Coons has the support of 51% of likely voters to 41% for O’Donnell. Two weeks ago, this race stood at 57% to 38%.

O’Donnell has actually pulled into a 49% to 43% lead in the southern part of the state (i.e. Kent and Sussex counties). Two weeks ago, this region of the state was divided at 47% for O’Donnell and 46% for Coons. The Democrat continues to hold a sizable advantage in New Castle County, but the current 56% to 36% margin is down from the 63% to 33% edge he held earlier this month.

O’Donnell has also made gains among independent voters, now leading Coons 47% to 42% among this voting bloc. Two weeks ago, she trailed in the independent vote by 51% to 41%. “While Coons still has the advantage, it has to be uncomfortable knowing that O’Donnell was able to shave 9 points off his lead in just two weeks.

The interesting thing is that while her vote total has risen, the majority of Delaware voters still say she is unqualified for the post,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

The swing in independent voters is huge, as this reflects similar movements throughout the country in races that are going from blue to red.

If you look at the cross-tabs, respondents gave a 49% disapproval rating to President Obama;  independents gave him a 56% disapproval rating.

The Obama administration isn’t taking this race lightly:

“If you keep Connecticut and Delaware, it makes it very hard for the Republicans to get there,” one senior administration official said. “It is really an effort to leave no stone unturned.”

Although Delaware appears well in hand for Democratic nominee Chris Coons, he will get a further boost Saturday when Obama visits Philadelphia, where media coverage extends to nearby Delaware.

RCP still gives a 15 point edge to Coons, and time is running out for O’Donnell, so the GOTV efforts need to be massive.

But there’s something going on in Delaware and it’s making Democrats very uneasy.  Pulling this off would be huge for Republicans in an already big year, all while the Left continues with an unrelenting barrage of vitriol and smears against Republican women.

Knocking a Democrat off from Joe Biden’s old seat would be icing on the cake.

On Joe Biden

October 4, 2010 1 comment

The man second first in line for the Presidency opened his mouth again:

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says he believes Democrats are beginning to rebound in their effort to hold onto the House and Senate in this fall’s elections.

Biden says his party has been able to reverse its slide toward the kind of wave election that would hand Republicans control of the House and, possibly, the Senate, The Hill reported Friday.

“The truth is we’ve turned things around,” he said at an Albuquerque fundraiser for the Democratic candidate for governor. “Not enough, but we’ve turned it around.”

Are there people out there who actually look forward to what Joe Biden has to say about anything?  We know that he’s been wrong on just about everything regarding foreign policy (his alleged expertise), but this has to be about the most irrelevant and meaningless statement made during this election cycle.

Biden: Hey left-wingers, how about you STFU?

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Kicked to the curb:

At a fundraiser in Manchester, NH, today, Vice President Biden urged Democrats to “remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives. This President has done an incredible job. He’s kept his promises.”

The remarks, made to roughly 200 top Democratic activists and donors, recall comments President Obama made last week to “griping and groaning Democrats…Folks: wake up. This is not some academic exercise. As Joe Biden put it, Don’t compare us to the Almighty, compare us to the alternative.”

Joe Biden lives in his own alternate reality (see his comments re: “Recovery Summer”, stimulus, the 2010 midterms, etc.) 

What’s hysterical and sad at the same time is that you have some serious, legitimate liberal bloggers and activists who have to sit and watch as the vice-president they helped get elected essentially kick them in the groin on the campaign trail just for being demanding liberals.

The strange thing is that as most moderate Democrats are running as fast as they can from the Obama/Pelosi/Reid junta, Biden is insisting that “the base” come back to them in order to win.  Talk about a paradox.

(Via Hot Air)

Existing home sales lowest since 1995

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment


Sales of previously owned U.S. homes took a record plunge in July to their slowest pace in 15 years, underlining the housing market’s struggle to find its footing without government aid.

Tuesday’s report from the National Association of Realtors, which was much worse than market expectations, was the latest data that indicated economic activity continued to slacken into the third quarter.

The NAR said overall sales were at their lowest since it started the existing-home sales data series in 1999, with single-family home sales that account for most business at their lowest since 1995. Association chief economist Lawrence Yun characterized overall sales as the softest since 1995.

The dismal sales report came as Chicago Federal Reserve President Charles Evans warned the risk of a double-dip recession was higher than six months ago. He doubted that output will actually shrink but said recovery will be modest.

“It is becoming abundantly clear that the housing market is undermining the already faltering wider economic recovery. With the increasingly inevitable double-dip in prices yet to come, things could yet get a lot worse,” said Paul Dales, a U.S. economist at Capital Economics in Toronto.

How bad was this report?  Very bad:

This is a really, really bad report. The awfulness of July’s sales were a little exaggerated due to all of the demand having been pulled forward form the buyer credit. But it’s unclear how many months of demand were captured early by the credit, so it’s hard to know when its effect will wear off.

Bah!  It’s all good.  Joe Biden, the Veep in charge of overseeing economic stimulus says we’re on the right track.