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Tea Party caucus getting tepid reception

July 22, 2010 1 comment

Not surprising at all:

…[T]he  tea party movement is a loaded political weapon for Republicans heading into the midterm elections.

Until now, they have had the luxury of enjoying the benefits of tea party enthusiasm without having to actually declare membership. But now that Bachmann has brought the tea party inside the Capitol, House Republican leaders and rank-and-file members may have to choose whether to join the institutionalized movement.

The more I hear about this idea, the more I disagree with this move.

Heading into the midterms, Republicans have history and momentum on their side–for now.  I never underestimate the GOP’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Already, Eric Cantor has said that the caucus is not such a great idea, along with Tea Party favorite, Marco Rubio.  To the extent that the caucus is to represent the principles of the Tea Party, how does the movement interpret Rubio’s and Cantor’s decision? Is it less inclined to support these candidates and members?

But forget the distractions that are bound to come up with this idea.  My biggest issue is about credibility.

A Tea Party-backed candidate has yet to win a significant election.  It seems to me that having a caucus would mean the members of the caucus would have some clout in their representative body.  If the Tea Party movement shows that it has the push to swing elections overwhelmingly, then forming a caucus would make more sense.  After the fact.

If the Tea Party falls flat come election night, then the caucus will look pretty silly.

To be continued…

FL-Sen: Charlie Crist, what a maroon

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

He ditches the Republican party and decides to run as an Independent for Florida’s Senate seat in November. 

I’m in complete agreement with Jay Cost.  This is a career killer:

Ask people you know in life and they’ll complain about politicians who are only out for themselves, who aren’t looking out for the interests of the people. And now here comes good old Charlie Crist, who just a few weeks ago swore off an Independent run. This is a dishonest and nakedly self-interested move, and voters are fed up with this kind of behavior. The only compelling motivation that Charlie Crist has to run as an Independent is so that Charlie Crist can stay in elective office.


I know why Crist is doing this. He’s not on the ballot for governor this year, and he doesn’t want to lose his seat at the table. Yet this is not going to work. And it will end his political career for good.

The alternative would be to bow out gracefully, heartily endorse Marco Rubio, campaign like the dickens for him in the fall, and wait for the next opening in Florida politics.

Instead, he is about to piss off every Republican in the country, and he’s not going to win over the affections of the Democrats, who clearly sense an opportunity to get one of their own into the seat.

Stupid, stupid move.

Rubio at CPAC 2010

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Marco Rubio’s CPAC speech last week blew me away. 

I just got around to listening to the whole thing and I have to say that in a party that’s experiencing a dearth of conservative leadership, Marco Rubio should have an easy path to being one the future leaders of the Republican party.

Read the transcript.  Read it again.  And again.

The speech was great—he hit all the right notes and held back no punches.  In less than a half an hour he tried to clear the blurred lines between conservatism and a lackadaisical Republican establishment, stuck it to his primary challenger Charlie Crist, and ripped the radical Obama/Democrat agenda to shreds.  It was fun.

If you consider yourself a conservative and/or a Republican and weren’t amazed by this man speaking, then you might have to re-evaluate your political priorities.

But the lifeblood of modern political campaigns is still money, and although Rubio has been catching up to Crist in that department, he’s still lagging.  A moneybomb two weeks ago helped the Rubio campaign raise almost $1 million, and every bit helps. 

Marco Rubio For Senate

FL-Sen: Democrats in trouble

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Barring any major Republican mistakes or meltdowns, it’s not a question of whether Democrat Kendrick Meek gets put out to pasture in November, but rather which Republican gets to do the deed:

Both Republican hopefuls hold a double-digit lead over their likeliest Democratic opponent, Congressman Kendrick Meek, in the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of this year’s race for the U.S. Senate in Florida.


The real battle for now is for the Republican Senate nomination in Florida. Crist started off well ahead of Rubio. But his embrace last year of President Obama’s stimulus package helped prompt a conservative backlash against the governor, who last month found himself tied with Rubio among likely GOP Primary voters.

The head-to-head numbers are staggering:  Governor Charlie Crist leads Kendrick Meek by 15 points (48%-33%) among likely voters, with Marco Rubio leading the Democrat by 17 points (49%-32%).  The caveat here is the undecided voters which run at 9% for the Crist vs Meek race and 13% for Rubio’s contest.

Some interesting takes from Rasmussen:

While the president called for a three-year freeze on discretionary government spending in his State of the Union speech last week, 58% of Florida voters say cutting taxes is the better way to create new jobs, while 12% favor increasing government spending.

Obama narrowly carried Florida – 51% to 49% – over John McCain in November 2008. Only 42% of Florida voters now approve of Obama’s performance as president, while 58% disapprove. More tellingly, 25% strongly approve of the job he’s doing, but 47% strongly disapprove.

And the vaunted and much-cherished “independent voters” want nothing to do with tax and spend Democratic policies:

Voters not affiliated with either major party prefer either of the Republicans to Meek by roughly 20 points.

Cutting taxes is favored over more government spending?  Who would’ve thought that that was a winning formula?  I hope the RINOs caucusing with Congressional Republicans are listening—-what’s going on here is a lesson for Republicans AND Democrats.

Democrats appear to be in serious trouble in Florida, and these numbers are  just more evidence that the special election result from Massachusetts was not as isolated an incident as Democrats want us to believe.