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Democrats’ Christmas gift to us

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment

A reminder of what happens when Democrats have control:

Payrolls decreased in 28 U.S. states and the unemployment rate climbed in 21, showing most parts of the world’s largest economy took part in the November labor- market setback.

North Carolina led the nation with 12,500 job cuts last month, followed by Massachusetts with 8,600 dismissals, and Ohio with 7,800, figures from the Labor Department showed today in Washington. Joblessness increased most in Georgia and Idaho, while workers in Nevada faced the highest rate in the country at 14.3 percent.

The report is consistent with figures on Dec. 3 that showed unemployment increased last month for the first time since August. The Federal Reserve’s pledge to buy an additional $600 billion of Treasuries by June and the $858 billion bill passed by Congress extending all Bush-era tax cuts for two years may help boost growth and cut unemployment.

Let’s keep in mind that the Pelosi/Reid Democrats have controlled Congress for the better part of four years.  And let’s not forget that tax-cuts for the middle class was bitterly held back in the name of Democratic class-warfare.  These facts need to be remembered and screamed from the rooftops by every so-called conservative Republican over the next two years.  How many conservatives Republicans will be willing to do that on our side?

Defeated Dems to Pelosi: No mas!

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

The Republican Tsunami smacked down Democrats at all levels of state government last Tuesday.  But that’s not stopping Nancy Pelosi for making an arrogant move to make a go for majority leader of the now much-smaller Democratic caucus in the House.

This is such a bad idea for Dems that even the New York Times is trying to talk her back from the ledge.

Now, defeated House Democrats are begging Pelosi to put the insanity bitterness and partisanship aside, and step aside for the good of the party:

FOX has obtained a letter being penned by defeated House Democrats that implores House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to step aside.

The letter is now circulating Capitol Hill and has not yet been sent to the Speaker. FOX has obtained draft language of the letter.

In the draft of the letter, the members say that they were “victimized by a national wave of resentment toward Democrats, a wave that ensnared you along with us.”

The letter goes on to say “Madam Speaker, fairly or unfairly, Republicans made you the face of the resentment and disagreement in our races. While we commend your years of service to our party and your leadership through many tough times, we respectfully ask that you step aside as the top Democrat in the House.”

The letter says that the defeated members “fear that Republicans will further demonize you, and in so doing, they will scare potential candidates out. The prospect of having to run against their own party leadership, in addition to their Republican opponent is simply too daunting.”

The lawmakers also say that “one mark of a strong leader is the ability to discern when it is time to pass the baton” and calls this a “dark hour.”

The letter closes asking Pelosi to step aside.

Sounds like a beaten and  demoralized political party who’ve had their spirits crushed, eh?

Hey, remember two years ago? When liberals and the media were proclaiming the end of the Republican party?  How Democrats were on the verge of majorities to last for generations?  Yeah.  About that.

Nice try Blue Dogs, but the Democrat party is the party of lunatics

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The mainstream media will focus on whatever problems the Republican party is having post-election, but the real fireworks are in the Democrats’ camp:

An elder statesman of the moderate Blue Dog Coalition is calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to step down from party leadership after a historic election in which she presided over the loss of 60 seats and control of the House.

Utah Rep. Jim Matheson, a co-chairman of the Blue Dogs, told POLITICO on Thursday that Pelosi should not be a candidate for minority leader —a sign that other Blue Dogs are ready to pounce if Pelosi doesn’t voluntarily cede her power.

“No,” Matheson said flatly when asked if Pelosi should seek the job. “We just got whupped.”

Matheson, one of a handful of Democrats who still represent districts that backed Republican Sen. John McCain in the 2008 presidential election, said he does not have a favorite candidate in mind to support for minority leader. But he contends that Pelosi is no longer in position to lead the party.

“I’m just suggesting that when you have the largest turnover since 1948, then it’s time to shake things up,” said Matheson, who watched as more than half of the Blue Dog districts flipped into Republican hands on Tuesday night.

His comments come on the same day that fellow Blue Dog leader Heath Shuler of North Carolina told CQ-Roll Call that he would run against Pelosi if she runs for minority leader — echoing an earlier suggestion that he would have challenged her for speaker had Democrats held the House.

Shuler told the paper that he didn’t think she would run for the job of leader.

What Congressmen Matheson and Shuler are failing to realize is that there is no room for moderates in the modern Democrat party.  The party is now in the vise grip of the lunatic fringe–the Pelosis, the Clyburns, the Waters’, the Grijalvas, etc., and it’s going to take a lot more than tough words for that to change.  In fact, the damage that the Left has done to the party will take years to reverse.  Blue Dogs don’t have the spine to do anything about that.

Pass the popcorn.

Biden: Hey left-wingers, how about you STFU?

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Kicked to the curb:

At a fundraiser in Manchester, NH, today, Vice President Biden urged Democrats to “remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives. This President has done an incredible job. He’s kept his promises.”

The remarks, made to roughly 200 top Democratic activists and donors, recall comments President Obama made last week to “griping and groaning Democrats…Folks: wake up. This is not some academic exercise. As Joe Biden put it, Don’t compare us to the Almighty, compare us to the alternative.”

Joe Biden lives in his own alternate reality (see his comments re: “Recovery Summer”, stimulus, the 2010 midterms, etc.) 

What’s hysterical and sad at the same time is that you have some serious, legitimate liberal bloggers and activists who have to sit and watch as the vice-president they helped get elected essentially kick them in the groin on the campaign trail just for being demanding liberals.

The strange thing is that as most moderate Democrats are running as fast as they can from the Obama/Pelosi/Reid junta, Biden is insisting that “the base” come back to them in order to win.  Talk about a paradox.

(Via Hot Air)

House Democrats feeling the heat

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Trying not to get too optimistic here, but I have to admit this is awesome:

Top Democrats are growing markedly more pessimistic about holding the House, privately conceding that the summertime economic and political recovery they were banking on will not likely materialize by Election Day.

In conversations with more than two dozen party insiders, most of whom requested anonymity to speak candidly about the state of play, Democrats in and out of Washington say they are increasingly alarmed about the economic and polling data they have seen in recent weeks.

They no longer believe the jobs and housing markets will recover – or that anything resembling the White House’s promise of a “recovery summer” is under way. They are even more concerned by indications that House Democrats once considered safe – such as Rep. Betty Sutton, who occupies an Ohio seat that President Barack Obama won with 57 percent of the vote in 2008 – are in real trouble.

In two close races, endangered Democrats are even running ads touting how they oppose their leadership.

“Democrats kept thinking: ‘We’re going to get better. We’re going to get well before the election,’” said one of Washington’s best-connected Democrats. “But as of this week, you now have people saying that Republicans are going to win the House. And now it’s starting to look like the Senate is going to be a lot closer than people thought.”

A Democratic pollster working on several key races said, “The reality is that [the House majority] is probably gone.” His data shows the Democrats’ problems are only getting worse. “It’s spreading,” the pollster said.

But…but….healthcare reform!  Financial regulation reform!  Cap and trade in the pipeline! 

Yeah, Democrats love the congressional leadership, the White House and their progressive agenda so much, they feel they have to run away from them in their campaign ads. 

I’m also looking forward to reading the liberal blogs and watching the media explain how these at-risk moderate Democrats are not “real” Democrats, and how what the American people want are solidly liberal Democrats to be in the majority in Congress.  So much so that they’re willing to throw these bums out and replace them with…Republicans?


Democrat party lies and propaganda vs. economic reality

July 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Nancy Pelosi, after Democrats won back the House in 2006 (via):

The American people called for greater economic fairness, and we pledge to work for an economy that enables all Americans to participate in the economic success of our country.

While this statement might be accurate, the problem is that most Americans are “participating” in a crappy economy.

The economic reality:

The recovery is losing so much momentum that employers are unlikely to step up hiring anytime this year, and unemployment could return to double digits.

That was the bleak conclusion of analysts Friday after the government said economic growth crawled at a 2.4 percent pace in the spring. It was the economy’s weakest showing in nearly a year. And many economists think growth is even slower now.

Consumers spent less, companies slowed their restocking of shelves and the nation’s trade deficit exerted a stronger drag on the economy in the April-to-June quarter.


“We’re headed into the third quarter with little momentum, and most everything is tracking weaker,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “Because of that, I expect unemployment to rise back to double digits, hitting 10 percent in December and staying there early next year.”

Businesses stepped up their spending last quarter, propelled in part by government stimulus. But those gains aren’t likely to be repeated, economists said.

Yeah, so the $787 million stimulus package failed miserably and the economy is swirling the drain.   After all these years, Democrats are still lousy at handling the economy.

But that doesn’t stop the administration and Democrats from travelling the country and  lying about its phantom success.

The real question is: will the American people use their power to vote these morons out of office?

Pelosi: Liberal utopia almost here

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Good lord this woman is an idiot:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) said the Democrats are one bill away from completing President Barack Obama’s “blueprint for American prosperity.”

“We have passed two of the three pillars in the historic healthcare and education reform and are working towards a clean energy and climate agenda in Congress,” Pelosi said in her remarks to the California Democratic Party state convention in Los Angeles on Saturday. “And essential to prosperity for middle-income Americans is reining in Wall Street.”

“The House has passed Wall Street reform, and working with our colleagues in the Senate, we will ensure that never again will those who are reckless on Wall Street make people jobless on Main Street,” she said.

The state of California deserves what it gets if they keep electing imbeciles to Congress. 

These people actually believe that what they’re doing to our economy is good for the country.  They actually think that Obamacare means affordable and quality care for all Americans.  They actually believe that higher taxes on producers benefits the middle class.  They actually believe that the government running the student loan program means lower rates and easy access for students.

God help us all.

Sen. Dorgan to White House: Hey, thanks for nothing

January 31, 2010 2 comments

Imagine you’re a three term US Senator, a part of the biggest congressional majority held by Democrats in decades. 

2008 brought a tidal wave of hope and change fever, fueled by Barack Obama’s pie-in-the-sky rhetoric, bolstering the majorities gained in 2006, and generating tons of political capital.  The Republican party is all but extinct and is in disarray.  Nothing stands in the way.

The new administration is sworn in, promising to revive the economy and pulling the US from the “precipice”—the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Then you wake up in December, and you realized that the incompetent leaders of your party just spent the last nine months pushing the biggest Federal entitlement expansion in modern history, squandered its precious political capital on backroom deals, union payoffs—-pushing and pushing an unpopular healthcare reform package. 

Rarely throughout the contentious summer and fall, if ever, was there a mention of creating jobs or reviving the economy from the White House or the congressional leadership. 

Now, the political climate is such that the Democratic party is toxic in deep blue states, it’s ambitious agenda on the rocks.  You’re once safe Senate seat is all but out of reach.  You have to call it quits. 

How do you feel? 

If I had to make a bet, it would be just like how Byron Dorgan feels right about now:

 A top Senate Democrat on Friday stressed that jobs and economic recovery, not healthcare reform, should have been the president’s top priority last year.

While Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) described President Barack Obama’s focus on healthcare as “very important,” he said the timing of Obama’s legislative push ultimately “wasn’t good.”

The North Dakota senator later added Obama should have pursued an agenda that was “all economy, all the time [and] all jobs, all the time” in order to “repair this economy and put people back to work” more quickly.


But the president won the election — I didn’t,” added Dorgan, who will not run for re-election this year. ”


Dorgan’s admission Friday that Democrats erred by focusing almost exclusively on healthcare reform in 2009 is sure not to sit well with the party’s leaders.

In other words, the Obama administration, with supermajorities in Congress being elected to promote the general welfare of the country, fumbled the ball.  They blew it. 

Instead of focusing on the economy and trying to create jobs, the Obama Democrats spent their time trying to ram through a healthcare reform package that lawmakers will not vote for and that the majority of Americans don’t want.

Nothing is so sad in politics as wasted political capital, so precious is it to obtain.  And it’s all because of Barack Obama’s enormous ego and the complicity of the mindless drones in the Democratic leadership.