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Class warfare suits POTUS just fine

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Stanley Kurtz writes over at the Corner:

[…] Obama’s long-term hope is to divide America along class lines (roughly speaking, tax payers versus tax beneficiaries). Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court at his 2010 State of the Union address, his offensive against the Chamber of Commerce, his exhortation to Hispanics to punish their enemies, and several similar moves were all efforts to jump-start a populist movement of the left.

Like his socialist organizing mentors, Obama believes that a country polarized along class lines will eventually realign American politics sharply to the left. Yet the entire strategy is based on the need for an activated, populist movement of the left. So far, Obama has failed to create such a movement. His expensive economic agenda has provoked a populist counter-movement of the right instead: Obama’s nightmare.  […]

Neither side can pull back, because the financial crunch is going to have to be resolved one way or another. We either scale back government and the power of public employee unions, or we move toward a structurally higher tax burden and a permanently enlarged welfare state. The very nature of the American system is now at stake. The emerging populist movements on both the right and left recognize this, and so cannot turn back from further confrontation.


On the Arizona shooting and the hypocrisy of the Left

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Andrew McCarthy nails it all in this must-read piece–the strategy, the Alinsky tactics, the complicity of the media, etc:

[T]he instantaneous reaction of the hard Left, President Obama’s base, was to politicize the Tucson atrocity as a natural, an inevitable, result of conservative ideology, enthusiasm for immigration-law enforcement and gun ownership by law-abiding Americans, and dissent from Obama’s policies […]


The atrocity has called on us to indulge a double fantasy. First, that it is worth the time and effort to engage Obama’s base in a debate about the root cause of the shootings, and specifically about whether what the Left frames as an atmosphere of toxic rhetoric (translation: the Tea Party, talk radio, and Fox News) is to blame. Second, that without such a debate, we wouldn’t and couldn’t know why this atrocity happened.

[Hat Tip: Nice Deb]

P.S.  Read McCarthy’s piece and then note that I tweeted this yesterday.

Republicans take note

May 20, 2010 1 comment

Congratulations to Rand Paul for winning the Republican primary for Kentucky’s senate seat this week.   I will admit I wasn’t paying much attention to this particular race, and have been more or less indifferent to Paul as a candidate.

But he made some noise with some comments he made after his victory, which made me happy:

Dr. Rand Paul, the Tea Party darling who convincingly won Kentucky’s Republican Senate primary Tuesday, has a message for his Democratic foes: “Please, please bring President Obama.”

Paul triumphed over Secretary of State Trey Grayson, the GOP establishment candidate, with nearly 60 percent of the vote and said opposition in the state to President Obama gives him an excellent chance in the fall.

“President Obama’s less popular in our state than he’s ever been. And he never was very popular in Kentucky,” he said Wednesday on CBS’ “The Early Show”.

His words are directed at the Democratic party but it’s also a jab at the President, one I don’t think our narcisstic Commander-In-Chief is taking very lightly. 

If Obama and his cadre want to use the Alinsky rules of political combat, his opponents should feel free to do the same.  One of the rules is to use the weapon of ridicule, which “infuriates your opponent” and causes him to act irrational.  This is essentially what Rand Paul did with his comments. 

Sure he will earn the hatred of the liberal blogs and the media, but they would have hated him either way.  It’s time the Republicans start following his lead and push back to the media infrastructure built up against them.