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Jan Schakowski: America’s youth finally has something to be proud about

The voters of Illinois’ ninth congressional district are an interesting lot.   How else do you explain electing this kind of yenta to Congress every two years?  Here she is talking about how great the “murder” of Osama bin Laden was, for the benefit of our nation’s youth and their precious egos:

It was huge, according to Illinois Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky, who said the bin Laden operation helped change some Americans’ perception of their country. On Wednesday’s “Hardball” on MSNBC, Schakowsky made her case.

“I agree with you,” Schakowsky said. “I think that that was seminal event in their lives, you know? This is the big deal for them growing up. And so I think that there is just a feeling now, not just with young people but getting over this feeling that maybe America’s kind of a loser. And now that we’re a winner, I think it’s very important.”

She also explained why she agreed with President Barack Obama’s decision not release the Osama bin Laden post-mortem photos, suggesting that doing so would be bragging about a kind of “murder.”

“I can’t imagine — what service would it be to the public to provide those kinds of photos,” Schakowsky said. “[T]hat kind of chest-thumping and you know, being — bragging about this kind of murder, no I think the president has handled it just right and most people absolutely believe that he is dead and certainly, those who don’t are not going to be convinced.

In Jan Schakowsky’s world, murder is good when Democrats are doing the murdering and it helps the young people of our nation to feel patriotic and proud of our country.  But Republicans are dumb rubes because they want proof.  Is it any wonder that this country is slipping into decline, with “leaders” like this in Washington?

People deserve the politicians they deserve I guess.

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